Sunday, March 9, 2014

10 Things I learned from our adoption

Thought I would share some things that I learned through adoption.  Although I will probably think of more as time goes on, these are pretty high on the list for me!
  1. I have learned that God is in control of every circumstance in my life.  It has had nothing to do with my sacrifice of time, money, hearts, or tears.  It is all about Him.
  2. I have learned that His grace will be sufficient. Whatever path God puts me on, I know that He will help me through the tough times and through the happy times.  
  3. I feel blessed to know that one of the purposes that God gave me for my life was to show love outwardly to the fatherless.  I feel so blessed to have seen and felt God's presence in my life during the last 7 months and to feel the grace shine all around my family.
  4. I never realized how much I would feel for Ezra's mother.  I love her even though I have never met her.  I know that my child will one day question things, just as I did with my own adoption when I got older.  I pray for her and for grace upon her and Ezra as they both grow older.
  5. Despite how people feel about the whys of how birthparents could give a child up, I now know that it is the deepest and most committed love that they could have ever showed.  Ezra's birthmom was 14. Wow, I couldn't even image taking care of a baby at that age.  I was still playing with dolls and matchbox cars!  Her strength to do this is unbelievable.  
  6. I have also come to know that love is not an emotion.  I feel love, because God first loved me.   God's love is showered upon me daily, so that I may shower love upon my children daily as well.
  7. It is heart-breaking to hold a baby who cries for his mother.  Even at 3 days old, he knew her voice, her smell.  He knew nothing of me.  I showered him with love, and spent almost the first 6 weeks of his life with maybe 5 hours of sleep a week (and those were from shear exhausting and were spent while he was crying).
  8. I learned that no matter what people say or do about decisions that you make after God's direction, God's plan will still be finished.  There is nothing you can do, but enjoy the ride and bask in God's grace to sustain you when others are against you.
  9. I have learned that some people just don't change their ways of thinking no matter what century we are in.  I don't know how many rude looks and rude comments I have overheard because our family is mixed.  Normally it is just me and the boys out, since my husband works a lot, but  I am shocked to know how people can be so insensitive.  To those people, all I can say is, may the power of God show you that you are wrong.  May He show you that our family is a family put together and designed by Him. 
  10. One thing that I have learned is adoption is a life changing process that will rock your world at every stage.  I almost don't even recognize myself anymore!  It has beautifully grown not just my family, but my heart, my dreams, and my joys.  It has been a beautiful, frustrating, heart-breaking, and miraculous journey so far.  I can't wait for what the next several years are going to bring!!


  1. Great post! We have never adopted, but have been open to it for a few years...waiting on God's timing to take or not take next step. Thanks for sharing :)
    Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough (

  2. Great post!! Wow, 14. I can't fathom that. So thankful that Ezra was given the chance to live in your home, instead of a different decision being made for an unwanted pregnancy. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Yes I agree I think giving up your child is one of the most selfless acts one can do.
    I love this list. We are in the process of adopting internationally.

  4. #4 just really touched my heart. I think God is really using your prayers for this birth mothers and I pray with you that she has a full and abundant life. Thank you so much for linking with SDG.

  5. Powerful lessons learned - life changing ones! May God bless you and your family abundantly!

  6. Wonderful!! Thank you for linking up this week. I loved this post and pinned it to my parenting board: Blessings to you!

  7. Amen! His grace is sufficient...a powerful post! Thanks for sharing on the Thursday blog hop!

  8. What a beautiful, God honoring glimpse into some of the trials and joys of adoption - thank you so much for sharing with those of us who've not (yet?) experienced the privilege of being an adoptive mom!

  9. I have friends who are in the process of adopting. I'm going to share this with them! It'd be great if you'd link this up at my blog party going on now!

  10. I must share that #4 touched me. May you continue to pray for Ezra's mom throughout his life. May God continue to give you the strength you need each day. Beautiful post! I visited from The Weekend Brew & am so glad that I did! Blessings!

  11. Good thoughts shared here. I know what you mean by the looks people give you because your family is mixed. I pray that God will give you grace for each moment over the years to come.

  12. Lovely post. 3 of our children were adopted.

  13. What a touching post. Yes, I love because God loves me. You've shared such powerful points, thank you. Thank you for sharing this at the HomeAcre Hop. I hope you'll join us again on Thursday.
    Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead