Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kids in the Word Wednesday: Sermon on the Mount

This week I chose to skip doing a lesson on the disciples as I will be doing one closer to Easter.  I chose to do one on the Sermon on the Mount.  I can't wait to do it tonight with the kids!!  It should be really fun!

1st thing you will need is the coloring sheet.  The one I used is here:

My lesson plan can be found here along with the printable needed:

I am starting out by going over the Beatitudes, and then going over that we are the salt and light of the world.  For the 1st object lesson:

                                Container of salt
                                Cup to cover candle with
Have each child taste the salt. 
Explain to the children that salt is used as a preserver or as an additive.  So when Jesus tells us that we are the salt of the earth, we are to add the flavor of God to all people and to preserve our faith in Him.
Put a candle in the salt and light it.
Explain to the children that we are also to be the light of the world leading others to Christ.  Spreading our light among others and allowing others to see our light shine.  We don’t ever want our light to go out for Jesus!
Extinguish light.
Without our light, we have no one to shine for!

The lesson then goes on to talk about the Lord's prayer.  The craft I chose is fairly easy to do.  I am doing mine with a glue gun so that it will dry faster, keep in mind that if you have younger kids like I do, to watch that they don't get burned.  
                                4 tongue depressors apiece
                                Copy of the Lord’s Prayer (attached and printed on card stock)
                                Hot glue gun
                                Stickers (opt)

                                                       I forgot to put stickers on mine.

The next part of the lesson goes on to talk about building our faith on rock, not on sand.  For the object lesson :
                                2 tubs
                                Rock or brick
                                Water in a pitcher
                                Rubber band
                                House built out of legos
                Make sure you attach the house on the stone with a rubber band!

They should have a blast pouring water on them.  I used a brick for my 1st house since I couldn't find a large, flat rock in our driveway!

You can end your lesson with this game:

Kindness Toss
                                Index cards-1 per child
                                Beanbags or soft balls
Group the kids up into equal teams and form a line 3-5 feet from the container.  Give each kid an index card.  Give the first kid in line a beanbag/ball.
Stand near the container with a marker in your hand.  Students take turns from each team tossing the object into the container.  When they make it into the container they get one letter out of the word “kindness” on their card.  When a child gets all the letters, he continues to play and gives his letter to the next person in line that needs a letter until everyone has the word written on their index card.
How did we show kindness in this game?  ­we gave letters to other kids
What are some other ways that we may show kindness?

Instead of the game I am choosing to do a valentine craft instead with the kids.

You can go to Catholic Icing to get a free download for the scripture 

My printable for the top heart can be found here:

Enjoy the lesson and have fun with the kids!!


  1. Great project. I'm pinning it for when we get to the gospels (a year or so from now).

    1. Thanks! The kids had a blast doing the object lessons last night! Hope you kids enjoy it as well:)

    2. I was pretty spot on in my assessment of when we'd teach this, I just came back to it for Sunday School tomorrow.

    3. Awesome!! Enjoy! I love seeing their little minds grow!!

  2. I love the rock and sand activity! Great lesson.