Saturday, November 12, 2011

Math worksheets for number 11

I don't know if you have seen the website,  but they have some pretty awesome worksheets.  Their number worksheets stop on 10, so I made some of my own.  Here is the ones for number 11.  There are 5 total, enough for everyday.  My son loves farming, so all the images came off of google images.


Weeks 7 thru 11

Been super busy and haven't been able to post so catching up today and should be able to post more often now.  We have sped up on our upper case letters.  We are doing a new one every 2 days:

And our bible numbers:

7: 7 dips in Jordon II Kings 5:1-14
8: 8 yr old king II Kings 22:1-2
9: 9 Unthankful men Luke 17:12-19
0: 0 manna found Exodus 16:26-27
10: 10 girls Matthew 25:1-13

We also studied Joseph:

And Moses he painted his own burning bush:

Shapes: Rectangles and squares
Misc crafts:

We have been reading the Usbourne book on Birds for science, so we went to Glen Helen's Raptor center near Yellow Springs and checked out their birds.

The bald eagle. The birds here either can't fly or can't not be returned to nature for some other reason. Therefore the zoos don't want them either since they require extra care.

Then of course we went to Youngs Dairy for ice cream and putt putt.  He got a hole in one!!