Thursday, December 1, 2016

My First Scissors and Kumon Cutting Book Review

Being able to use scissors and cutting paper is something that all kids need to learn.  I was excited to give My First Scissors a try with my 3 year old!  I remember my oldest had so much trouble cutting paper with regular scissors at first, so I was hoping these would help with my youngest.

Here he is patiently waiting to try out the scissors!!

The design of My First Scissors, makes it so easy to pick up and already have them in the right position in their little hands.  There is no need to worry about putting their thumb in a little hole to be able to use the scissors, which makes it so much easier to start using!  My First Scissors are really light.  They will place the paper in between the blades and cut.  The blades are protected by plastic, so there are no worries about them cutting themselves.

Along with the opportunity to try My First Scissors, we were also sent the book Let's Cut Paper from Kumon.  Kumon creates some amazing books for kids!  The pictures in the book are very colorful and exciting to look at for little kids.  They start out very simple for little kids to be able to do.  They do work their way up, but it is so slow, you don't even notice it.

He was able to use the scissors with great ease.  He also wanted to keep going!  I think he would have done the whole book if I would have let him!

You can purchase My First Scissors and Kumon Cutting Skills Books on the Timberdoodle website.  They are also available in the Preschool Curriculum Kit.

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