Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Subtraction Flashcards 1-19-FREEBIE

These are the next set of flashcards I have ready for you.  These flashcards are 16 to a page and go all the way from 1-0 to 19-9.  Just print them off, laminate, and cut and you are ready to go!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Poppins Book Nook: The Prince’s Poison Cup by RC Sproul

              This month I am linking up with Jill @ Enchanted Homeschooling Mom and several other ladies for our monthly virtual book club.  This month our theme was Knights, Princess, or castles.    I bought the R.C. Sproul books for Conner at Christmas and was excited to see that one of the books fit with this month’s selection!

We read the book The Prince’s Poison Cup and really enjoyed digging deeper into it and doing some crafts.  This book starts out with a little girl named Ella Ruth.  She is sick and has to take some bad tasting medicine.  When her grandpa comes over to visit, she asks him why medicine has to taste so bad if it makes her well.  The story her grandpa tells starts off with a great King building a park full of people, animals, and plants.  The King came to this park daily to talk to the people that he had created.  The King asked that the people not drink from one special fountain or it would hurt them.  Of course the Kings archenemy came to the park and talked the people into drinking the water, allowing their hearts to die.
                Of course this is the story of creation and of mans fall.  I let Conner tell me all he could remember from the creation story.  He got a couple of days mixed up, but all in all didn't stop talking until he got to Noah’s ark. 
                As the book goes on, The King sent his son the Prince to go to the garden with a special gold cup.  The Prince was to drink out of the fountain that had turned to poison so that the King’s subjects would be healed.  The Son loved His Father so much, he obeyed and died.  Soon after this, the King came into the garden in a glorious white cape and brought his Son back to life.  The water in the fountain changed.  The Son then tells the crowd to drink from the cup if anyone is thirsty.  A little boy was the first to be saved. 
                Conner totally loved this story, and it was really fitting with Easter next weekend.  On to our fun!!


Our first craft was to make a castle in the sky. 

You will need:          empty toilet and paper towel rolls cut at various links
                                Brown, gray, and green paint
                                A piece of cardboard big enough to glue your castle to
                                Glue gun and glue sticks
                                Cotton  balls
                                Yellow, black, and red construction paper

First have them paint have them paint the empty rolls how they want them.  

Then depending on the age, help them glue them together and onto the cardboard.

Now use the construction paper to make roofs for the castle.

We finished ours up with cotton balls for our ground since our castle is the castle waiting for us in Heaven.

Finished product:

The next craft we made is a golden cup.  I took an old pop bottle and cut it up. 

 I then glued it together with my glue gun.  

.  We cut up pieces of yellow tissue paper and then glued to all around the bottle.  

He ended up putting 4 layers on since our bottle was green and we wanted to be good and sure all we could see was yellow.  

After it dried some, I had him decorate the cup with gemstones.

Golden Cup fit for a King!

The next craft we did was one I made.  

The printable can be found here:

You will need:           1 ½ popsicle sticks
                                1 inch piece of gold pipe cleaner.
                                Colored pencils/markers

I thought this would tie the book together and made some good discussion for us. 

I also did an object lesson with the book.

You will need:          Mason jar
                                1/8 c bleach
                                1 drop of food coloring

You need to fill the mason jar up 1/3 of the way with water.   This represents how God made the world, sinless and blameless in His sight.

Soon following sin entered the world.  This is where you will put one drop of food coloring in the water.  (DO NOT mix allow it to mix on its own.) 

 Explain that sin entered the world and eventually took over.

  Wait for the water to fully turn red.  While you are waiting take the time to tell them that God had a plan from the beginning of time to send His son to the world.  

 Add the bleach at this time.  

As you can see when Jesus died on the cross, He made all who were chosen and believe in Him sinless once again in the eyes of God the Father.

I hope you enjoyed your time here and be sure to hop on over to the other ladies and see the awesome books that they have prepared for you this month, I know I will!


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Friday, March 22, 2013

Making Homemade Vanilla Extract

Materials:     1 qt vodka
                    1 qt mason jar empty and cleaned
                    24 vanilla beans (I used organic)

First you will cut the vanilla beans in half, leaving the top 1/2 inch uncut.
Put all the beans in the mason jar.

Add the vodka.  You will then sit it in a dark spot and leave it sit for 4-6 months.

Take the vanilla once completed and put it in amber jars to use for baking.

It was well worth the wait!!  Tasted so yummy.  I let mine steep for 5 months and it was perfect.

I put another quart of vodka in with my vanilla beans to see if I can get another batch out of it, so we will see!!  I figure I have enough vanilla to last a year, so it can steep that entire time.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Addition Facts flashcards 1-19-Freebie

I have been trying to get things ready for next year to get ahead of the game.  These flashcards are 16 to a page and go all the way from 1+0 to 19+9.  Just print them off, laminate, and cut and you are ready to go!

Here is the link:



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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bigger ears mean louder sounds and vibrations

 First we read these books:
Loud, Soft, High, and Low Sound by:Natalie Rosinsky
All About Sound by Lisa Trumbauer
What's that sound? by Mary Lawrence

 We practiced bending our ruler and letting it make vibration sounds.

We colored a picture of a rabbit and then I rolled it up and we seen how having big rabbit ears allowed us to hear better.

We felt our vocal cords vibrate as we talked!

I had him feel the vibration on his triangle when he beat against it.

Then I lined up 3 glasses of varying amounts of water.  I had him listen to them and tell me which was a higher pitch sound, which made a lower pitch sound, and which one vibrated the most.

Then I gave him a spoon and a fork.  I had him bang the spoon and fork together and listen to the vibrations of the forks tines.  Then I put a cotton ball on the end of the fork and had him bang together again.  No sound!