Monday, June 30, 2014

Poppins Book Nook: If you are a hunter of fossils

Welcome back to another month of the Poppins Book Nook!  Our book plan took a nose dive about a week ago.  None of the ones we had picked out seemed to be a hit with Conner.  Then, I seen this one and thought it was a fit! 

The book is about a fossil hunter in Texas that was looking for signs of an ancient sea.  I did have to change the wording in the book somewhat as it talks about the earth being millions of years old.  So, I changed those to thousands of years.

I took him to Caesars Creek State Park to a spot where the glaciers came through thousands of years ago to fossil hunt!  He had a blast!!

Half way up!!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Homemade Fudgecicles

     Who doesn't like fudgesicle?!  These were my nemesis growing up!  These were on of the things I did have to forgo when we started to eat healthy!  It is amazing all the crap they stick in these things.  Well, look no further!  Here is an awesome recipe, and it is super easy to make!!

Homemade Fudgesicles

2/3 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa
2 t vanilla extract
1 cup + 2 T plain yogurt
1 1/4 c milk

You will also need a popsicle mold and popsicle sticks.

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix!  Told you it was easy!!

Pour into your mold.

Put them in the freezer to hang out for about an hour.

Pull them out and put the popsicle sticks in them.  Put back in freezer and allow to harden.  Enjoy!!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mystery of History Volume 1 Lessons 100-105

Lesson 100 The Battle of Actium

He painted Cleopatra's ship gold and yellow.  The blob above the windows is her!

Lesson 101 Augustus Caesar and the Roman Empire


     We may not have enjoyed a bath like the Romans, but we enjoyed being in the pool!!

Lesson 102 John the Baptist

     Please see this lesson I did a couple of years ago!

Lesson 103 Jesus Christ, His birth

     Although, very significant, I chose not to do an activity for this as he knows this lesson all to well.

Lesson 104 Jesus, His Teachings and Miracles

Lesson 105 Tiberius Caesar, Pilate, and Herod

Monday, June 23, 2014

Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #38 FREE Activity Packet

     Welcome back to another week of Bible in a Year!  We have been so busy this summer!  Why does that always seem to happen?  Do you go through the same scenario?  This remodel has taken more time and energy than I cared to put into it.  I know it will look great when it is done, but sometimes I wish we had the money to pay someone to do it all instead of me doing it.  But, I feel very blessed that God gave me the gift of home remodeling!  So, I am putting that talent to good use!

Week 38 printables.

To catch up with the series, please go here.

To Find out more about the series, please go here.

Day 260 2 Chronicles 36:22-23; Ezra 1-3

     The last 2 verses of 2 Chronicles is a proclamation from Cyrus.
     Ezra 1 is about the proclamation from Cyrus in regards to the building of the temple.  The people also provide for their return. 
     Ezra 2 talks all about numbers.  The number of people, priests, and Levites that returned and the offerings for the temple.
     Ezra 3 talks about the altar, festivals, and the foundation of the temple is built.

Day 262 Ezra 4-6

     Ezra 4 talks about how the building of the temple is delayed.
     In Ezra 5, the leaders go ahead with the building of the temple and a letter against the Jews.
     Ezra 6 is a decree for completing the temple.  The temple is finished!

Day 262 Haggai 1-2

     The first chapter Haggai reproves the Jews for neglecting the temple.  He promises God's assistance to them.
     In the second chapter, there is greater glory promised to the second temple than to the first.  The sins of the people slow their work and the kingdom of Christ is foretold.

Day 263 Zechariah 1-7

     Chapters 1-6 talk about the 8 visions Zechariah had at night.
     Chapter 7-8 talks about the 4 messages of Zechariah.

Day 264 Zechariah 8-14

     The rest of Zechariah talks about the 2 burdens of Zechariah.  The Messiah's
rejection of the 1st advent and his acceptance at the 2nd.

Day 265 Esther 1-5

     Chapter 1 talks about the royal feast of Ahasuerus and Vashti's refusal to
     In Chapter 2, Esther is chosen Queen and Mordecai plans a plot against the
     In chapter 3, Haman seeks to destroy the Jews and he obtains a decree 
against them.
     In chapter 4, Esther takes to pleading for the Jews.
     In chapter 5, Haman prepares to hang Mordecai.
Day 266 No reading.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Answers in Genesis: The Human Body Unit 4 The Digestive System

Lesson 19 The Digestive System

 For the first experiment, I gave him a cracker and asked him to chew it up.  I asked what it felt like in his mouth.  Then I gave him another cracker and told him to hold it in his mouth for 1 minute.  I asked him how this felt in his mouth.  Then we discussed how our mouth aids in the digestion process.

Next we demonstrated a stomach.  I put water in a ziploc bag and had him put a piece of bread in it.

Then we sealed it up.

Then he started to mash the bag with his fingers just like the muscles in the walls of our stomach do.

Then we colored and put our body parts on our fridge man!  These can be found in the workbook that is found in the link HERE.

Lesson 20 Teeth

I had him put this worksheet together on the tooth.  It can be found in the workbook that is HERE.

Lesson 21 Dental Health

For this lesson, we talked a lot about dental health.  I also had him make imprints of his teeth in play doh.

Lesson 22 Nutrition

We talked about eating a balanced diet and completed this worksheet found in the workbook.  See link above!

Lesson 23 Vitamins and Minerals

For this lesson, I kinda linked all together and went to the Bible.  We read John 6:35 and talked about how we are what we eat.  Not just food wise, but also other things that we intake like tv, radio, read, or hear.  There is healthy and unhealthy food, just like there is healthy and unhealthy things.  Read Ezekiel 3:1-4.  In it Ezekiel eats a scroll (Bible).  After eating it, he can speak the gospel.  Read John 6:27-35.  In these verses, we read that Jesus is our manna, our life.  We are what we eat.  We can eat junk food to our souls, or we can eat soul food.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #37 FREE Activity Packet

     We are enjoying a beautiful weekend here!!  Not a cloud in the sky!

Week 37 Printables

To catch up with the series, please go here.

To Find out more about the series, please go here.

Day 253  Ezekiel 41-44

     These chapters talk about the reinstatement of true worship in Israel.

Day 257 Ezekiel 45-48

     The end of Ezekiel is about the redistribution of the land of Israel.

Day 255 Daniel 1-3

     In chapter 1 we read about Daniel.  We read about the 4 men on trial and their royal positions they are given.
     Chapters 2-4 talk about Nebuchadnezzar and the dilemmas that he faced.

Day 256 Daniel 4-6

     In chapter 5, we read about the demise of Belshazzar and Daniel interprets the handwritting on the wall.
     Chapter 6 talks about the Daniel and the lions den.

Day 257 Daniel 7-9

     Chapter 7 talks about Daniels vision and interprets it. 
     In chapter 8, we read about the ram and the male goat and the prophecy for them.
     In Chapter 9, we see Daniel prayer for his people and Gabriel's answer.  We also read about the prophecy of the seventy weeks

Day 258 Daniel 10-12

     The rest of Daniel is about the Humiliation of Israel and finally the restoration of Israel.

Day 259 No reading.