Sunday, June 15, 2014

Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #37 FREE Activity Packet

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Week 37 Printables

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Day 253  Ezekiel 41-44

     These chapters talk about the reinstatement of true worship in Israel.

Day 257 Ezekiel 45-48

     The end of Ezekiel is about the redistribution of the land of Israel.

Day 255 Daniel 1-3

     In chapter 1 we read about Daniel.  We read about the 4 men on trial and their royal positions they are given.
     Chapters 2-4 talk about Nebuchadnezzar and the dilemmas that he faced.

Day 256 Daniel 4-6

     In chapter 5, we read about the demise of Belshazzar and Daniel interprets the handwritting on the wall.
     Chapter 6 talks about the Daniel and the lions den.

Day 257 Daniel 7-9

     Chapter 7 talks about Daniels vision and interprets it. 
     In chapter 8, we read about the ram and the male goat and the prophecy for them.
     In Chapter 9, we see Daniel prayer for his people and Gabriel's answer.  We also read about the prophecy of the seventy weeks

Day 258 Daniel 10-12

     The rest of Daniel is about the Humiliation of Israel and finally the restoration of Israel.

Day 259 No reading.