Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kid's in the Word Wednesday John the Baptist and Jesus' Baptism

This week we did the lesson on Jesus' Baptism.  I am attaching my notes and all templates needed in a pdf file.


white cardstock paper (1 for every 3 kids)
coffee filters ( 1 per child)
white/gray construction paper
blue construction paper
color sheet on topic

To make the dove:  I pre-cut the doves, and cut the notch in them.  Have the kids fold their coffee filter in half and then fold them in accordion style. I had to help my younger ones with this.  Then have them slowly push it through the pre-cut notch.  I had to do this for most of them, but my 2 older girls got it.

They even fly a little, so be careful they don't launch them!

The next craft we did was a picture of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus:

This lesson took us about 50 minutes so I didn't have a lot of extra time.  But if you do, you can always allow the children to practice baptizing.  Have fun with this lesson, I sure did!

Here is the link to my notes and to the templates.  Not the best artwork on the people, but I didn't have a lot of time to put into them!

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