Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kids in the Word Wednesday: Flight to Egypt

Tonight in Children's Church we did the story of The Flight to Egypt.  The lesson plan can be found here:

and the coloring page that was used is here:

The kids had an awesome time hiking to Egypt and hiding from the Romans.  They loved the camping out part also, but were not very quite when we were supposed to be sleeping, lol.  Good thing we weren't really hiding from the Romans.  Praise God for getting my brain working on finding a craft for this lesson.  We painted the plate first before we started our lesson so that it would be dried.

Then we  made a tent out of black construction paper, 2 bushes that they had fun wading up.  Conner got the rocks out of the driveway to use for the fire pit and a balled up piece of red tissue paper for the fire.  Then I cut a Popsicle stick in half for Mary and Joseph and another one in 3rds for Jesus.

They really had fun with this lesson.  Afterwords we played a version of tag, where one of them was a Roman and had to catch the rest of them and make them Romans.

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  1. These are good ideas. I just pinned this and your boy Jesus in the temple.