Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kids in the Word Wednesday: Palm Sunday

Tonight with the kids I am going to be doing the lesson on Palm Sunday.  Since I only have them every other Wednesday I am starting early so that we will hit all the days leading up to Easter.  Here is a list of materials you will need:

                A donkey
                Palm leaves cut out
                A blanket cut out
                Coats cut out of fabric
                Something to represent Jesus ( I am using a lego man which I will have to hold on to)

We sit at a long table, so I plan on marching the donkey down the middle of the table.

The lesson can be downloaded here:

Should be fairly explanatory as to when you will use the objects above.
 The donkeys meeting Jesus
 The blanket going on the Donkey
 Jesus riding the donkey

 Palm leaves and coats on the ground for them to walk over.

When I am done with the story, I will let them go into another room and gather puzzle pieces that I have hidden and we will put together a puzzle of Jesus riding in on a donkey.  I just used a coloring sheet and colored, laminated, and cut it out.

Then we will do a craft.  The papers you will need are attached in the above link.  They will color Jesus and the donkey and the palm branches.  They will glue them on a separate sheet of paper and glue the palm branches down under the donkey.  On the top of the page I wrote “Hosana in the highest.”  It is also in the download.

I have a horse on a stick, so I also plan on acting out the scene of Jesus coming into Jerusalem with the kids.  I hope to have enough time to do it with each kids getting to be Jesus!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Moon Artwork

This week we are going to be working our way through the solar system.  Today we started at the moon.  Here is one of the crafts we did:


white paint
black piece of construction paper
star stickers

First you trace the bowl onto the center of your construction paper
 Then you will put some white paint in a container and mix the flour in it until it is thick and gloppy.  Then they paint inside the circle!

 Next, I had Conner take the end of another paint brush and make craters with it.
 Then I found these pictures to show how we landed on the moon.  They can be found here:

Then I had him add stars all the way around!
The perfect moon!


Week 22

Here are some pictures from our school week last week:

We also studied Noah's ark, and here are some pictures of his crafts:


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 21

Here are some pictures from our week 21:

We also did unit packs on fire trucks and safety.  Here are some of the crafts that we done to go along with our study:

We took the week of Valentine's off and it was so refreshing!!

Here are some funny pictures taken on Sunday!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kids in the Word Wednesday: Jesus heals a blind man

This week in my Wednesday night children's church class, we are doing Jesus heals the blind man.  Hoping for a fun night with the kids!  Here is the lesson (also includes the printable faces that you will need):

Jesus heals the blind man

Today we are going to talk about one of Jesus’ many miracles.  Healing a blind man.  Can you imagine what it would be like if you were born blind from birth?  Imagine never being able to see your parents, your favorite toy, or the sun.

A long time ago there was a man named Bartimaeus.  He was born blind.  Everyday was the same for him.  He would wake up in darkness, sit by the roadside begging for money in darkness, and then fall asleep in darkness.

Object lesson
Materials   bag/box
                 Numerous items

Let’s practice being blind.  In this bag there are some items I have put in.  Each one of you will take a turn and by using only your hands, must figure out what the item is. 

After doing this discuss how hard some of the items were to figure out and how difficult it must be for someone who is blind to do things that we take for granted.

Read John 9:1-12

What a marvelous miracle that Jesus performed.  Bartimaeus became a new man, he was renewed by Jesus.  He was now able to see!

Did you know that each one of us here was born blind?

Can anyone tell me what we were blind to?

We were blind to God.  Someone had to tell us about God and show us His love for us.  Once someone did this, we could see God. 

Name a way you seen or felt God today?

Materials   1 sheet of faces per child
                    Dirt and water to make mud
                    Piece of fabric big enough to cover eyes

Allow children to draw eyes, nose and a mouth on their faces.  On the first one cover the eyes with a piece of fabric.  On the second one, mix up some mud and have the children put mud on the eyes.  On the third one leave as is.

2 options:
Bandage tag
Pick one child to be it.  They must tag someone on the arm or leg.  That new person is it, but must tag someone else while holding on to the spot they were tagged.

Pin the tail on the donkey

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Card for the grandparents

After seeing all kinds of cool ideas for cards on Pinterest, I was finally able to come up with a card to make for them!

Here is the link for the card:

You should probably print it on cardstock!

Then, just use a red washable ink pad or you could use red paint!  Place your child's feet one at a time, and make a heart out of them!

After that dries, put glue in the shape of a heart around the feet and sprinkle glitter!  I had Conner sign his name then!  Now all I need to do is mail them tomorrow!!

Here are some pictures of my little man shoveling snow.  I think he has shoveled more snow in one day, than his daddy in the 12.5 years we have lived here!!  He is such a good little helper!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weeks 16-20 and 100th day

Been busy, take a look!

We also finished our 100th day of school last Friday and had a party.  I can't believe this year is already half way through!