Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kids in the Word Wednesday: Palm Sunday

Tonight with the kids I am going to be doing the lesson on Palm Sunday.  Since I only have them every other Wednesday I am starting early so that we will hit all the days leading up to Easter.  Here is a list of materials you will need:

                A donkey
                Palm leaves cut out
                A blanket cut out
                Coats cut out of fabric
                Something to represent Jesus ( I am using a lego man which I will have to hold on to)

We sit at a long table, so I plan on marching the donkey down the middle of the table.

The lesson can be downloaded here:

Should be fairly explanatory as to when you will use the objects above.
 The donkeys meeting Jesus
 The blanket going on the Donkey
 Jesus riding the donkey

 Palm leaves and coats on the ground for them to walk over.

When I am done with the story, I will let them go into another room and gather puzzle pieces that I have hidden and we will put together a puzzle of Jesus riding in on a donkey.  I just used a coloring sheet and colored, laminated, and cut it out.

Then we will do a craft.  The papers you will need are attached in the above link.  They will color Jesus and the donkey and the palm branches.  They will glue them on a separate sheet of paper and glue the palm branches down under the donkey.  On the top of the page I wrote “Hosana in the highest.”  It is also in the download.

I have a horse on a stick, so I also plan on acting out the scene of Jesus coming into Jerusalem with the kids.  I hope to have enough time to do it with each kids getting to be Jesus!

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