Sunday, May 26, 2013

Poppins Book Nook: What really happened to the dinosaurs?

This month's reading selection was dinosaurs, so I chose the book What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?  written by John Morris and Ken Ham.  I loved that this book is based on the 6 day creation, so there was no  correcting the millions of years and all of the other flaws in most of the dinosaur books.  

After reading the book, we spent some time talking about creation.  Then we discussed how Noah got the dinosaurs on the ark by taking babies.

I had these Melissa and Doug puzzles, so he put them together.

I had him make dinosaur feet.  I used craft foam and cut the pieces out for him.  The orange pieces were foam with adhesive on the other side.

Then he made a dinosaur tooth.

The object lesson I did 

Conner got a pair of binoculars this week, so I used them for our object lesson.  With the regular lenses, we can look at the world through God's eyes and see the world the way the Bible tells us.  We see the truth as God proclaims it.  That God created dinosaurs on day 6, that there is no way that dinosaurs bones are millions of years old.  But, if we look at the world through the world's eyes, the truth that we see becomes distorted and viewed from what other people think is the truth verses what the Bible tells us is the truth.

Next came the fun part!  I buried some dinosaur bones in his sandbox.  I gave him a magnifying glass and an old paintbrush and told him he was going on a dinosaur dig.

First, we section off the corner where the bones were found.

Then he started excavating!!

His awesome find!

Upon going through some craft items I bought at an auction last year, I found this and decided it would work for this book.

Finished masterpiece! 


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