Saturday, March 31, 2012

DIY Sign Zephaniah 3:17

    Pallet wood enough to measure 29+/-
     2-2x4's ripped down to 1" wide x 28inches long
     black flat spray paint
     wood glue
     1 1/4 inch trim nails
     white semi gloss paint

 First you will lay your cut down 2x4's horizontal each other.  Then you will put the pallet wood on top and nail them down.  Remember to put wood glue down before laying pallet strips.  I only put 1 nail per board and it seems very sturdy.
Ready to be painted!
Spray paint it black:
 I made a poster on my Print Artist program.  Then I cut the words out with an knife.  I am sure there is an easier way, but this works for me.  I am also able to use it again and again!  I laid the stencil pattern (printed onto cardstock paper on my pallets and started painting.

 The sign takes about an hour and a half to make.

I also made this purse out of a pair of 99 cent jean cut offs I found at the thrift store with some scrap material I had.  I am making a bigger one for a friend, so I will try to remember to post how to pictures when I make that one!


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kids in the Word Wednesday: Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

Tonight's lesson takes us into the garden.

All of my notes are here:

While I am doing the lesson, I will have the kids color this page:

I am also going to make a puzzle using this picture for the kids to put together:
     Jesus Christ praying on the rock drawing art color hd(hq) dektop Christian background wallpaper

Here is the lesson, but you can download it above.

                What did Jesus ride into Jerusalem on?
                What did they lay down for Him to ride over?
                And what is the name of the Sunday before Easter?
                Last week we did the Last Supper.  How many disciples did we learn that Jesus had?
                                A disciple is someone who shares the gospel.  Who here is a disciple of Jesus?
During the Passover feast, we learned that Jesus wants us to remember Him.  We are to do
                Communion in remembrance of Him.  What does the broken bread signify?  Grape juice
                Or wine?
                We also learned that one of Jesus’ own disciples gave His location up to the enemies.  Does
 anyone remember what his name was?

The last supper took place on Thursday.  The day before Jesus was crucified. 
                Why was He crucified?
On that night Jesus was in great danger.  Judas had left the Passover feast and had gone to the priests and accepted a bribe of 30 silver coins in return for him leading them the Jesus so that they could arrest Him.

After the supper, Jesus and His disciples walked thru the dark to the Mount of Olives.  At the base of the mountain, there was the Garden of Gethsemane.
                Does anyone know what a garden is?
The garden was a quiet place where people often came to pray and rest.  It was just outside of Jerusalem.  Jesus was very sad.  He asked His disciples to wait there while He went to pray.  He took Peter, John, and James with Him.  He told these three men that His heart was sad. 
                When we are sad, what can we do?
                How many of you pray?
                When do we pray?
                                Bedtime, meals, church
Jesus prayed a lot.  He was always reaching out to His Father.  The Bible tells us that He prayed at all times of the day or night.  He prayed in front of others or even by himself.  The night before He died He prayed 3 times in the garden.  Jesus knew His death was near.  Jesus prayed, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me.” 
Cup, what cup?
Do you think Jesus was speaking about an actual cup?
Jesus was asking if His Father, was willing to take this cup of His impending death away from Him, or if He had to die.
Then Jesus prayed, “yet not my will, but yours be done.”
                What do you think willing means?
                                Let’s see, if I had a pizza here, who would eat it for me?
                                                So you are willing to eat the pizza.
                                Who will go to the library with me?
                                                Most of you would be willing to go to the library.
                If you tell someone you are willing to do something, you follow through with it.  Sort of like a
promise.  It can work the other way also.
                Like, who is willing to scrub the toilets for me?
                                Not many of you are willing to scrub the toilets are you!
                How about the impossible!  Who will die for me?
                                It is hard to tell someone that you would die for them, isn’t it? 
Jesus said, “yet not my will, but yours be done.”  Jesus chose to do God’s will.  He went to the cross willingly.  He chose to lay down His life for so that we would someday live forever in Heaven with God our Father and Jesus.

After He was done praying for the last time, He went back to the rest of the disciples who had fallen asleep.  He woke them.  All of the sudden, torches lit the garden.  Loud shouts of angry soldiers were approaching.  There was Judas.  He came up to Jesus and kissed Him.  That was his signal to the soldiers which one Jesus was.  They took Jesus away without a fight.  He had already knew that they would be coming.  He didn’t run from them.  He knew His sentence was death, and He was going to obey God and wash our sins away. 
Wow!  How many people think they could do that?
What if God told you to do it, do you think you could do it then?
                This is also another instance of how we can put others needs before our own.  Jesus put
                Our needs before His own.  He died on the cross so that we sinners who accept Him,
                Would live forever in Heaven with Jesus and God the Father!  How awesome is that!! 

The craft is a flower.  The page you will need is attached in my notes.

I am going to have the kids go outside and find a rock for them to each have their own prayer rock also!

In lieu of a game, the kids are going to be helping me get the downstairs set up for a funeral and meal that we will be doing at our church on Friday.


Kids in the Word Wednesdays

Monday, March 12, 2012

Review for the e-book: Finding Joy in Depression

Cover Art Final 231x300

I was very excited to get to read this e-book.  It is by Amanda Pelser who also blogs at She was very kind to give me a copy of it to do a review.  It is being released today and it is a very good read. 
                The book takes you on 3 different approaches.  The first is to encourage you to take a faith step and admit and come forward if you are suffering from depression.  We would rather hide from it, which in turn, gets us even more lost.  We are afraid to come forward, afraid of what other people might think.  I know as a Christian woman, I have struggled with coming forward with it for years. I myself have struggled with dysthymia, just like Amanda, since my teen years.   It was refreshing to see another struggling Christian dealing with many of the things I find myself dealing with daily. 
The second approach is helping you to deal with depression.  There are several chapters on how to deal with depression.  Things like getting a good start to your day, which is the key to how your whole day will turn out.  I know for me, if I don’t get into the Bible or at least having pray time in the morning, my whole day seems disorganized.  In chapter 18 she writes, “The real importance of prayer in depression is relationship and attitude.  God is our comfort and that comes in talking and walking with Him.” 
The third approach she takes is how others can be supportive to someone who is suffering from depression and help them find joy.  Just by reading the book, you learn so much about depression and how people live their lives.  By doing this, you learn how to help them achieve joy!
This e-book is a great read.  You will learn so much from it, whether helping you deal with depression, how your body and mind work through it, or just how to be a better friend to someone who may be suffering from depression.  Head on over to her blog and buy it today!  Also, while there, check out her blog.  She has a lot of uplifting Christian ideas and regularly does Christian book studies.

Blessings!!  And may you find joy in everything that you do!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weeks 23-24

From week 23 we did space.  Here are a few of our crafts:
 This is our Huble Telescope

 Space ship
 Planets as they rotate the sun.  The planets came from here:

This was our police unit.  We used a lot of unit packs for the week.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kids in the Word Wednesday: The Last Supper

Tonight lesson will be on the last supper.  The lesson notes can be found here:

While I am going through the lesson, I will be having them color the sheets that will go along with their craft.  The craft I am doing can be found here:  
I am not a catholic, but some of her things are really cute!

Our pastor will be coming down and doing communion with the kids also.  My son does it weekly with us, but I don't think the other kids get to.  God really put it on my heart to have our pastor do it and he agreed!  The kids should be happy with that, they LOVE our pastor!!

After doing the lesson and the craft I will do the game Remember Relay if we still have time.
           Have the kids sit down in 2 rows a few feet apart.  Whisper a phrase to the 1st one in each row. 
           Have them whisper it to the person next to them and so on.  The last person who hears the message 
           stands up and repeats what he has heard.  Then you tell them the original phrase and see how far off 
           they are.  The best one that matches wins!  That person now becomes the first person in the row.  
           Play at least one time through.

Enjoy and blessings!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

1,000 gifts-February

76. T-shirt and flip flops in February.
77. Forced naptime!
78. bedtime
79. 100th day of school
80. Disney on Ice tickets
81. no migraine
82.  VIP parking
83. fixing my grandma's record player
84. John Denver and the Beach Boys
85. catching Conner dancing and playing an "Air" guitar to Surfin Safari
86.  Receiving a butchers block for free
87.  Finishing my cabinet
88.  Sanding the top of the butcher's block for an hour and seeing the beautiful wood underneath all the stains
89. Bacon crackling in the skillet
90. ordering garden seeds
91. homemade pizza
92. flannel sheets
93. and old dog finding her puppy years in freshly fallen snow
94. snow dripping off the roof as it melts
95. running water
96. wonderfully nice customer service.
97. crockpots
98. help with shoveling snow
99. grain grinder completely set up
100. grinding 12 cups of flour in under 30 minutes
101. homemade granola
102. good music
103. clean laundry
104. week off school
105. an awesome boss
106. long sleeved t-shirts
107. Art Chrisman being told that he is now free of lung cancer
108. getting garden seeds in the mail
109. a good read
110. snuggling on the couch with Conner and Katie
111. new cabinet hardware in the mail.
112. Brats cooked over an open fire
113. shot of torodol
114. a child's hug
115. We made the list!!! (adoption waiting list)
116. the movie "Courageous"
117. homemade cookies
118. prayer
119. my son's strength
120. finding the bottom in a pile of paperwork
121. fried taters
122. darned socks
123. junk drawer finally organized
124. Conner telling me my lip was broke! ( it was cracked)
125. Brussel sprouts poking through the dirt
126. a momma red bird on the deck watching me
127. lunch date with my little man
128. thick blankets
129. old friends
130. cancelled sales call on an already packed day!
131. tacos
132. not a cloud in the sky
133. Conner's love for art
134. movie time
135. Yellow crocus
136. a child's imagination
137. day old popcorn
138. an extra day this month
139. hot fudge cakes
140. coupons