Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 4

Week 4 went great! Instead of doing a bible story this week, we talked about the importance of prayer in our life.

Our letters of the week were E and F. So we did our Totally Tots letters and our letter art page.  E was elbow painting and elephants and F was feathers and frogs.

Our number craft was from the 4 fisherman's in Matthew 4:18-22.  I had to bribe him with a cookie just so he would glue his fish to the picture!

Then we started our fall crafts.  First we did some leaf  drawings and I put the poem in it that I found at Mama Jenn's website http://mama-jenn.blogspot.com/2010/04/four-seasons-book.html
Last but least, I am now the only one teaching Wednesday night bible class for ages 4-7 so I will try to put in our craft for the week that we done to help any of you out with ideas!  We did Zaccheaus this week, so after reading from the Bible I had them draw their arm and hand on a piece of paper. The hand we used a cotton ball since it was easier for them to stay on the fingers that way.  Then I printed out a picture of Zaccheaus off of the dltk website and had them glue it on the picture.  We also practice climbing on the chairs to see if we could see objects better.

Monday, September 12, 2011

First 3 weeks of school

These first few weeks of school has just flown by! Conner is having a lot of fun learning and making great strides! Even the dog has enjoyed us being home since I quit my job.

Some of the things we have been doing:

Our letters from Totally Tots

Pages for his alphabet art book.  A: apples with an ink pad
                                                  B: Blue finger paint, band aids, and blue ribbon
                                                  C: cotton ball painting and car tracks with an ink pad
                                                  D: Dots with a marker, stickers of dragonflies and dogs

Bible numbers  1: Parable of the lost coin Luke 15:8-10
                       2: Esau & Jacob Genesis 25:24-28
                       3: 3 wisemen Matthew 2:1-11

Bible stories: Abraham, Jesus walks on water, the burning furnace, and what Heaven might look like.

Doing a picture of the planets with crayons and then using 1/4 c epsom salts and 1/4 c warm water to paint over the picture to make it look like stars.

Triangle collage and our sun with hands as the rays!

All in all a great first three weeks! Was worried when God led me down this path, but went for it and with His guidance I can say it has worked out!! God is soooo good!