Monday, November 30, 2015

Poppins Book Nook: Feasts around the world

Welcome back to another month of Poppins Book Nook.  Our theme this month is feasts around the world.  We chose the book:

Pizza for the Queen
by Nancy Castaldo

This is a cute little story about a pizza maker named Raffaele who is making a pizza for Queen Margherita.  As he is trying to get all the best ingredients for the Queen, a cat eats all the anchovies!  (I personally would be okay with that!!)
The pizza comes off with out a hitch and the Queen loves it!

For our activity we were going to make a homemade pizza.  Well, I have battled migraines for over a week and didn't get to it, but we did enjoy a pizza from somewhere else!

Click below to see how other members of Poppins Book Nook were inspired!

 Clip art by MelonHeadz.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mystery of History Volume 3 Lessons 58-60

Lesson 58  The Thirty Years War

For this lesson, we brought out the legos!  The 30 Year Was started when 3 people were tossed out of a 50 foot high window in Prague.  The only way they survived (by the grace of God) was a pile of manure.

First, we measure off 50 inches.

 Tossed from 50 inches with no protection.

Then, he dropped his 3 lego men from that point.  They fell to their death!

Tossed from 50 inches with protection.

Then, he let them fall into the manure, symbolized by our pillow!!  They lived!!

Of course, this is what happens when the 2 year old wants to play with the legos that are being used in a history lesson!!

Lesson 59 The Pilgrims land at Plymouth

If you sailed on The Mayflower in 1620
by Ann McGovern

William Bradford
Nest Entertainment

Lesson 60 Squanto

Squanto:  A Warriors Tale
Walt Disney

If you lived at the Time of Squanto
by Anne Kamme


Friday, November 20, 2015

Art History month #2: Vincent Van Gogh

Welcome back to month #2.  This month we studied Vincent Van Gogh.

Week #1 we read:

Van Gogh
by Mike Venzia

For our project, we used Home Art Studio Grade 3 dvd.

This project was lots of fun, and lots of mess!  Shaving cream, paint, and all kinds of things that boys love!

Week #2  we read:

Vincent Van Gogh 
by Catherine Nichols

Van Gogh's Wheat Field with Crows.  Please see HERE.

Week # 3 we read:

Van Gogh
by Shelley Swanson Sateren

Starry Night.  Please go HERE.

Week #4 we read:

Vincent Van Gogh
by Adam Klein

This was a swirly landscape I had him do using paint thickened with flour and then using the tip of his paint brush to add swirls.

He also did this for Van Gogh's sunflowers.  See HERE.

Stay tuned for next month as we take on Jackson Pollack!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mystery of History Volume 3 Lessons 64-66

Lesson 64  The Jews of the Renaissance and Reformation

We watched
Fiddler on the Roof

Lesson 65  Rembrandt

Mike Venzia

Lesson 66  Thomas Hooker Founds Connecticut

by Jim Ollhoff


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mystery of History Volume 3 Lessons 61-63

Lesson 61 RenĂ© Descartes

The Fly on the Ceiling:  A Math Myth
by Julie Glass

Lesson 62  John Winthrop and the Puritans

Finding Providence:  The Story of Roger Williams
by Avi

Anne Hutchinson
by Elizabeth Raum

Lesson 63  Galileo Galilei

Galileo and the Telescope
by Yoming S Lin