Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bible in a Year with your kids week #36 FREE Activity Packet

     How is everyone enjoying the start of your summer?  We have been so busy getting the house in order, sometimes I don't think I have time o breathe!

Week 36 Printables

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Day 246 Ezekiel 17-20

     Chapter 12- 24 explains the judgement that is to come.

Day 247 Ezekiel 21-24

Day 248 Ezekiel 25-28

     Chapters 25-32 are prophecies of retribution to Ammon, Moab, Edom, Philistia, Tyre, Sidon, and Egypt.

Day 249 Ezekiel 29-32

Day 250 Ezekiel 33-36

     Chapter 33 is about Israel's repentance.
     Chapter 34 is God's promise of a shepherd.
     Chapter 35 is the punishment of the nations.
     Chapter 36 talks about the purposes of restoration.

Day 251 Ezekiel 37-40

     Chapter 37 is about the valley of the dry bones.
     Chapter 38 and 39 is about the removal of Israel's enemies.

Day 252 No reading.


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  2. Hi to my SDG sister!! As a children's minister, I love this stuff!!! So awesome!! Your kids are gonna be so thankful for you one day. Love, love, love it but I already said that. :)

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