Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bigger ears mean louder sounds and vibrations

 First we read these books:
Loud, Soft, High, and Low Sound by:Natalie Rosinsky
All About Sound by Lisa Trumbauer
What's that sound? by Mary Lawrence

 We practiced bending our ruler and letting it make vibration sounds.

We colored a picture of a rabbit and then I rolled it up and we seen how having big rabbit ears allowed us to hear better.

We felt our vocal cords vibrate as we talked!

I had him feel the vibration on his triangle when he beat against it.

Then I lined up 3 glasses of varying amounts of water.  I had him listen to them and tell me which was a higher pitch sound, which made a lower pitch sound, and which one vibrated the most.

Then I gave him a spoon and a fork.  I had him bang the spoon and fork together and listen to the vibrations of the forks tines.  Then I put a cotton ball on the end of the fork and had him bang together again.  No sound!



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