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Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #25 FREE Activity Packet

     This week has been a very goo week weather wise!  A nice touch of spring that is right around the corner.  Of course, snow is supposed to make a return on Tuesday.  Hopefully it will be shortly lived.  

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Day 169 1 Kings 15:1-24; 2 Chronicles 13-16

     The first part of 1 Kings 15 is about the reign of the evil Abijam and the reign of Asa (who was good) in Judah.
     In 2 Chronicles 13 Ahijah overcomes Jeroboam.
     In 2 Chronicles 14  we see Asa's and how he strengths his kingdom.
     In 2 Chronicles 15 the people make a covenant with God.
     In 2 Chronicles 16 Asa seeks aid from the Syrians.  Asa dies.

Day 170 1 Kings 15:25-34 & 16; 2 Chronicles 17

     In the last part of chapter 15 the evil reigns on in Israel.
     1 Kings 16 talks about the Baasha, Zimri, , Omri, and Elah's reign in Isreal.  It also talks about Ahab's wickedness and how Hiel rebuilds Jericho.
     2 Chronicles 17 talks about Jehoshaphat prosperity and how he promoted religion in Judah.

Day 171 1 Kings 17-19

     1 Kings 17-After 60 years of wickedness, we are introduced to Elijah.  Nothing is said about his past.  Elijah came to Ahab and told him that he had stood before Jehovah.  There was to be no rain or dew until Elijah gave the word.  If you look at James 5:17-18, we see that Elijah had prayed hard for this.  After Elijah talked to Ahab, he had to leave so that he would be safe.  He lived by a brook.  Elijah was fed by some ravens.  The brook at Cherith dried up, so God sent him to Zarephath.  The famine was horrible now and Ahab was looking hard for Elijah.  It was here that Elijah asked a widow for water and some bread.  He told her that her flour bag and jar of oil would remain full.  God struck her son dead and the widow was very sad.  Elijah was troubled and prayed to God.  He laid on the child and breathed in him.  This is a picture of God's breath that gives life.
     1 Kings 18-After waiting 3.5 years for God's word, Elijah went to Ahab.  Elijah stood before Obadiah and old him to tell Ahab that he was there.  Obadiah was afraid and argued.  Obadiah was a man of God and knew that Ahab wanted to kill Elijah.  Ahab came and Elijah challenged him to choose either Baal or God.    Ahab was quiet.  They went to Mt Carmel and Elijah repaired the alter to Jehovah by using 12 stones.  He then had 12 barrels of water thrown on the alter to prove to them that he had no hidden fire.  He did this again.  God sent the fire and the Baal prophets were killed.  God protected Elijah fro Ahab on his way to Jezreel.
     1 Kings 19-We still wee Ahab wicked.  He tells Jezebel what had happened and she threatened to kill Elijah.  Elijah ran away without asking God.  He laid down under a juniper tree and asked God if he was going to die since he had done no better than his fathers before him.  God let him sleep.  He went 40 days and 40 nights without food.  God asked him what he was doing here.  Elijah couldn't tell God that he was quitting him, but he thought he had reasons to complain.  We can see this also in Romans 11:2-5.  We then see 3 pictures from God.  They all show His judgement over the wicked.  God told him that his work was not finished.  Elijah went back and found Elisha, a farmer plowing.  He threw his coat over Elijah, just like Jonathon had done to David.  He knew that he would be the prophet of the Lord after Elijah.

Day 172 1 Kings 20-21

     1 Kings 20-We read about 2 battles.  The first battle is when Benhadad marched his large army through Israel to Samaria.  He sent a messenger to King Ahab telling him that everything Ahab owned belonged to him.  Ahab agreed.  A prophet came to Ahab and told him that for God's sake God would intercede and give Israel the victory.  Ahab now followed the prophets orders.  they surprised Benhadad's army and Israel won.  Ahab was told not to rest after this win, because the Syrians would be back. at the beginning of the next year.  Benhadad built up his army and came to attack Israel again.  The prophet came back to Ahab and told him that he would win again because God wanted the Syrians to know that God was the Lord of everything.  Benhadad ran.  He had to beg for his life.  Ahab told him he was his brother.  A prophet told Ahab a parable and told him that he had judged himself when he let Benhadad live instead of killing him as God commanded.
     1 Kings 21-We read that Ahab tried to buy Naboth's vineyard.  Nahoth was a man of God and told him no.  Ahab was not happy.  His wife, Jezebel, asked him what was wrong, and he told her about the vineyard, except for the reason why Naboth didn't sell.  She wrote some letters  to the rulers of the city in Ahab's name and used his seal.  The letters announced that there would be a trial, the people was to fast because of their sins, Naboth would be put out in front of everyone, and to get the sons of Belial who would tell them that Naboth cursed both God and the king.  The rulers knew the truth, but were corrupt and didn't care.  Naboth and his sons were killed.  Now Ahab went to the vineyard.  Elijah was there and cursed the house of Ahab.  

Day 173 1 Kings 22; 2 Chronicles 18-20

     1 Kings 22 talks about a partnership between Ahab and Jehoshaphat   Ahab had a great feast prepared and asked him to go to war with Syria with him.  He agreed, but then regretted it since he didn't ask the Lord.  Ahab had his 400 false prophets tell him that it would be okay.  Jehoshaphat knew that they were not true prophets.  Micaiah, a prophet of God who was in prison, was sent for and made known that he needed to say the right things to Jehoshaphat so that they would go to war.  Micaiah warned Ahab of his defeat and death, but he didn't believe him.  Ahab went to the battle dressed as a common soldier  The Lord helped Jehoshaphat, but Ahab died.
     2 Chronicles 18 we see Jehoshaphat's alliance with Ahab.
     In 2 Chronicles 19 & 20, Jehoshaphat was scolded by the prophet Jehu when he returned to Judah.  Jehoshaphat was very sorry for what he had down and went all over the land bringing the people back to God.    He appointed judges to help him with this.  He told them to enforce God's law, not man's.  During this time, he was informed that an army was invading the land and that they were at Engedi.  Jehoshaphat asked God for help.  He told the people to fast.  Everyone came to God's house in Jerusalem and he prayed.  God told them to go to meet the army the next day, and that He would fight for them.  The next day, the people obeyed the Lord.  The priests went out also and sang praises to the Lord in front of the army, and God fought for them.

Day 174 2 Kings 1-4

     2 Kings 1-Ahab's son Ahaziah started his reign over Israel. He sent messengers to Baalzebub, a god to Ekron to see if he would get better after his fall in his upper chamber.  They never got there.  Elijah met them along the way and told them that Ahaziah would die.  The messengers went back to tell Ahaziah, and he sent a captain and 50 soldiers to kill Elijah.  Elijah burned them with fire from heaven and the next group of soldiers that Ahaziah sent.  The third captain was different and fell on his knees and bowed before Elijah and God.  An angel told Elijah to go to the King and tell him the words of the Lord.
     2 Kings 2- We see Elijah and Elisha go on a walk to visit the schools of the prophets.  They were in Gilgal, Bethel, and Jericho.  Elijah wanted to encourage them to keep speaking God's words, teach them the truths of God, to let them know that he was dying, and to give them his blessing.  At the river Jordan, Elijah wrapped his coat around him tight and struck the waters and they divided.  Elijah was carried off to heaven in a fiery chariot and horses.  His coat fell down to Elisha.  When Elisha struck the waters, they parted.  Elisha made there appearances right away.  This first was to the prophets.  Then he went to the people with a blessing.  He put salt (a picture of pure) in a bottle and put it in the spring.  Jehovah healed the water.  Elisha's last appearance was to the unbelievers and cursed them.
     2 Kings 3-We see that Jehoram, brother of Ahaziah, was ruling.  Jehoram asked Jehoshaphat to help him attack the Moabites.  Jehoshaphat joined him.  They were joined by the Edomites and ran out of water in the desert.  They went to Elisha's tent and he told them that the Lord would fill the ditches with water and that they would have victory over the Moabites.  
     2 Kings 4-This chapter tells of 4 miracles performed by Elisha by the power of the Lord.  They were the pot of oil, the healing of the pottage, the feeding of 100 men, and the raising of the Shunamite's son.

Day 175 No reading



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