Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mystery of History Volume 1 Lessons 76-78

Lesson 76 Socrates

We learned that Socrates son cut his hair in memory of his father.  Conner lost his rabbit this week, so I cut his hair in memory of Lexie.

Lesson 77 Hippocrates and the Statue of Zeus

Pretending to be a doctor!

I don't think Baylie is amused!

Lesson 78 Ezra and Artaxerxes

We did a little experiment about keeping God close to us, unlike what we learned about in this lesson.  The foreign ladies that the men married took them away from God.

I took 2 folding chairs and attached a rope the first time.  He tried to walk to the other chair!

As soon as he stepped on the rope, the rope gave way.  This is like when we stop going to church or worshiping God, it effects our relationship with God and with others.

I then put a 2x4 between the 2 chairs and had him try walking to the other chair.

But, when we put God in control (the 2x4) we have a stronger relationship and connection with God and others.


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  1. My daughter isn't too sure about your Ezra/Nehemiah activity.