Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mystery of History Volume 1 Lessons 79-81

Lesson 79 Nehemiah

Our table top sukkot!

Lesson 80 Pericles

Rebuilding the Acropolis of Athens!

Lesson 81 Peloponnesian War

.Well, I have been trying for a few months to come up with crafts to use up some of my hundreds of used canning lids!  Bingo!!  I cut out the material using some left over felt.  Then, I drilled the canning lids and attached them to the material with thick string.  I also attached some ties to both sides.  Presto!  Armored vest!


Where I may link at!


  1. What an excellent use of Lego...and canning lids! Looks like a fun week.

  2. I love the use of canning lids! We are just at this place in our history, too. Thanks for linking up.