Saturday, March 8, 2014

Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #23 FREE Activity Packet

     Welcome back for another week of Bible in a Year with your kids!  Praying things are all well with each and everyone of you guys!!

Week 23 Printables.

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Day 155 Proverbs 21-24

     Again,  I am choosing not to write much here on the book of Proverbs.  I pray that if a certain verse hits you and is needed in your family, that you will dive a little deeper into it.  Make it a memory verse, or start a collection of memory verses for your family.

Day 156 1 Kings 5-6; 2 Chronicles 2-3
     1 Kings 5 talks about Solomon's agreement with Hiram and the workmen for the temple.
     1 Kings 6 talks about building of Solomon's temple.  Also, the promise and particulars regarding the temple.
     2 Chronicles 2 shows of Solomon's message to Hiram in regards to the temple.
     2 Chronicles 3 talks about the building of the temple.
Day 157 1 Kings 7-8; Psalm 11

     1 Kings 7 talks about Solomon's buildings, the furniture of the temple, and of the gold to be used.
     1 Kings 8 talks about the dedication of the temple.  We see Solomon's prayer, blessing, and peace offerings.
     Psalm 11 is a psalm of refuge.  The writer feels threatened by his enemies, so he puts his trust in the Lord.

Day 158 2 Chronicles 4-7; Psalm 134-136

     2 Chronicles 4 talks about the furniture of the temple.
     2 Chronicles 5  tells us that the ark was placed in the temple and it was filled with glory.
     2 Chronicles 6 is Solomon's prayer at the dedication of the temple.
     2 Chronicles 7 is the answer to Solomon's prayer.
     Psalm 134 is a call to bless the Lord
     Psalm 135 tells us to praise God for his mercy, power, and judgements.  
     Psalm 136 tells us that God is to be praised.  He is the creator of the world and He is the giver of all blessings!

Day 159 Psalm 146-150

     Psalm 146 explains why we should not trust men, but trust in God.
     Psalm 147 again tells us to praise God.  But, it also mentions salvation and prosperity of the church.
     Psalm 148 tells us that initially our praise an exhortation first to heaven, then to earth, and then for the chosen people of God.
     Psalm 149 tells us that joy will be given to all of God's people and terror to the enemies.
     Psalm 150 is all about praising God.

Day 160 1 Kings 9; 2 Chronicles 8; Proverbs 25-26

     In 1 Kings 9, God answers Solomon.  We see the presents of Solomon and Hiram.\
     2 Chronicles 8 talks about Solomon's buildings.

Day 161 No reading.


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