Monday, January 25, 2016

Geography Monday and Poppins Book Nook: Canada

Welcome to this month's edition of Poppins Book Nook!  This month is countries of the world.  If you were here last week I also introduced how I am doing our world geography study and lots of others books that you can implement.  You can check it out HERE .

This week our adventures brought us to Canada.  We studied a providence a day, 4 days a week.

Books to introduce Canada

by Julie Murray

M is for Maple
by Mike Ulmer

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island
by Suzzanne Jorisch

The Summer of the Marco Polo
by Kasia Charko

New Brunswick

F is for Fiddlehead
by Marilyn Lohnes


A is for Princess
by Stephanie Jorisch

The Ghost on the Hearth
by Susan Milord

by Harry Beckett


A is for Algonquin
by Lovenia Gorman

Nova Scotia

B is for Bluenose
by Susan Tooke

Viola Desmond Won't be Budged
by Jody Nyasha Warner

Newfoundland and Labrador

P is for Puffin
by Janet Skirving

British Columbia

S is for Spirit Bear
by Gregory Roberts

Mary of Mile 18
by Ann Blades

by Roland Gebauer


C is for Chinook
by Dawn Welykochy


G is for Golden Boy
by Larry Verstrete

Sarah and the People of Sand River
by W.D. Valgardson


L is for Land of Living Skies
by Linda Aksomitis

As Long as the River Flows
by Larry Royre


by Norma Jean Lutz

The Northwest Territory

by Jan Reynolds

The Northwest Territories
by Gordon Laws
(This one we just looked at the pictures.)


The True Story of Trapper Jack's Left Big Toe
by Ian Wallace

by Susan Levert

To wrap up our study on Canada, we made these cute Mounties cookies!  We used a sugar dough recipe.  We used our gingerbread man cookie cutter and then baked them and let them dry.

Then we painted them!

Stay tuned for next week when we travel to Mexico!!

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 Clip art by MelonHeadz.

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