Monday, February 1, 2016

Geography Monday: Mexico

     Our next stop on our geography tour brings us to Central America and Mexico.

We found out some crazy things out Mexico:

1.  They eat grasshoppers!!  Well, at least some of them do still.  Yuk!

2.  If you are invited to dinner in Mexico, it is custom to show up 2-3 hours late.  They consider it rude if you are on time.  I am so glad that that is not a custom in the United States!

3.  Cocoa beans were used as money in ancient Mexico.  Could you imagine!  There would be no hot chocolate unless you were really rich!  My kids would not like that at.

Here are the extra books that we added in to our reading:

by Megan Kopp

by Adele Richardson

Under the Lemon  Moon
by Edith Hope Fine

P is for Pinata
by Tony Johnston

 You can go HERE to see the other books that we use.

We ate some Mexican cuisine!

Enjoying some fried ice cream!

Making tin art.

We put aluminum foil over cardboard and taped it.

He made a design on a separate sheet of paper and then traced over it, over the foil.

I gave him some Sharpie markers and had him color it.

Stay tuned for next month when we visit Greenland!!


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