Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kids in the Word Wednesday: Boy Jesus in the Temple

This is going to be the lesson for tonight at church.  Very excited to do it with the kids!!!

Set up:  Put a Nazareth sign going into one room or area and a Jerusalem sign in another room or are.

If you don't want to make yours I have some here:

Start the class in Nazareth and explain to them that we are going to Jerusalem for the Passover feast.  Explain the them that Jesus would have been 12 years old at this time.  

Have the kids clap their hands 12 times while counting to show Jesus' age.

Then head on to Jerusalem.  ( sit on the floor and pretend to have a feast)

Then explain to them that after the feast was over they left to go home.  ( get up and walk 1/2 way back)

Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem and Mary and Joseph did not know this.  Mary and Joseph had walked halfway home, about 1 day, when they realized Jesus wasn't with them.  So they turned around and went back.  ( go back to Jerusalem)

Tell them that after 3 days they found Him in the temple. ( have the kids run around the room or area 3 times to signify this.)

Then have them sit on the floor and read from the Bible Luke 2:41-52.  (snack time)

will probably do a game of Simon Says to show that Jesus had to obey his parents.

Then we will go back to our room and do this easy temple craft.  Sorry they are not the best, I am not the best artist, but can get by with what I do!

Here are the links to what you will need:

temple in color:

temple in black and white:


Have fun with it.  I also plan on ending the evening with Hide N Seek if there is extra time!!



  1. Okay, I thought I'd commented back when I first pinned this, but apparently not. LOVE this idea!