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Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #47 FREE Activity packet

Welcome back to week #47 of Bible in a Year!  Praying everyone is having an awesome holiday weekend!

Week 47 Printables.

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Day 316  Acts 9-11

      Chapter 9 is about the conversion of Saul and his persecution at Damascus.  Dorcas is raised to life.
     Chapter 10, we see Peter's vision and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
     Chapter 11, we read about Peter's defense.

Day 317  Acts 12-14

      We see James become a martyr for Christ in chapter 12 and the death of Herod.
    In Chapter 13, we see the mission of Paul and Barnabas.
    In chapter 14, Paul and Barnabas are at Iconiun.  Paul is also stoned at Lystra.

Day 318  James 1-5

     The book of James is a summary of practical duties of all believers.

Day 319  Galatians 1-3

     In these chapters we see Paul reprove the Galatians, the doctrine of Justification alone, through faith in Jesus Christ.

Day 320 Galatians 4-6

     In these chapters, Paul explains the difference between what is expected from the law and the gospel.

Day 321 Acts 15-16

     Chapter 15 we see the council at Jerusalem and Paul and Barnabas separate.
     In Chapter 16, Paul takes Timothy to be his assistant and goes to Macedonia.

Day 322 No Reading

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