Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mystery of History Volume 1 Lessons 97-99

Lesson 97 The Second Triumvirate

Making a Roman Mosaic out of construction paper.

Lesson 98 Cleopatra

For this lesson, we made crazy construction paper crowns!

Lesson 99 Herod the Great

     For this lesson we discussed the gifts that the wisemen brought to Jesus.  I even learned in this lesson!!  

Gold was brought and symbolized a gift fit for a king.

Frankincense was used when the Israelites offered sacrifices.  Hence, Christ was the sacrifice for our sins.

Now, here is what I learned!!   Myrhh was used as an ingredient for embalming people.  It helps preserve the body.  Well, Christ's body rose in 3 days and never decayed!  All of these gifts symbolized what was going to happen to Jesus!


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