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Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #30 FREE Activity Packet

   Hello everyone!!  Hope everyone's week went awesome!!  We are super busy here trying to do a remodel.  Sorry this is going up late again, have to remember to hit publish, not save after I schedule a post!

Week 30 printables.

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Day 204 Isaiah 38-39; 2 Kings 20; 2 Chronicles 32:24-33

     Isaiah 38 is about Hezekiah's sickness and recovery.
     Isaiah 39 talks about the Babylonians.
     2 Kings 20 talks about Hezekiah's sickness and his recovery in answer to prayer.  Hezekiah shows his treasures to the ambassadors from Babylon.  It ends in his death.
     The chapter of 2 Chronicles ends with the invasion of Sennacherib.

Day 205 Isaiah 40-42; Psalm 46

     Isaiah 40-48 talks about the deliverance from captivity.  Chapter 40 talks about comfort to the Babylonian exiles.
     Isaiah 41-48 talks about the end of Israel's misery.
     Psalm 46 talks about confidence in God.

Day 206 Isaiah 43-45; Psalm 80

     Isaiah 41-48 talks about the end of Israel's misery.
     Psalm 80 talks about the complaints of the miseries that the church is going through.  It mentions its former prosperity and present misery.

Day 207 Isaiah 46-49; Psalm 135

     Isaiah 41-48 talks about the end of Israel's misery.
     Isaiah 49-52 Talks about the sufferings of the servant of the Lord.  These chapters discuss the servant's mission.
     Psalm 135 talks about God is to be praised for his mercy.  It talks about God's power and the vanity of idols.

Day 208 Isaiah 50-53

     Chapters 52-53 talk about the redemption of the suffering servant.
Day 209 Isaiah 54-58

     Chapters 54-57  talks about the results of the suffering servants redemption.
     Chapter 58 talks about the 2 kinds of religion.
Day 210 No reading.



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