Monday, April 21, 2014

Answers in Genesis: The Human Body Unit 2 Joints & Muscles

This is the second part of unit 2 in the Human Body book by Answers in Genesis.

Lesson 7 Joints

We looked at different joints around the house.  The door hinge.

The sliding door.

Showing some joints of his own!

We also talked about our elbows during this lesson.  The straw demonstrates why our elbows have wrinkles.  Without wrinkles they would not bend correctly.

The extra skin is there, just like the flexible part of the straw, to bend  with out blocking the straw or breaking the bone.

Lesson 8-9 The muscular system and the different types of muscles.

First we looked at our biceps and triceps 

Then we talked about how our muscles and brains are always working together.  Things that we practice doing a lot of, we get better at.  We did some experiments to understand this concept.

The first one was jumping on one foot.  By the 3rd time, he had more than doubled his time from the 1st time.

23 seconds hopping on one foot!

Then we did an experiment with a yard stick.  I had him put his thumb and pointer about a half inch apart and I dropped a yard stick in between them.  We then set out to see how long it took him to catch it.

1st time 22 inches!!

2nd time 10 inches!!

Lesson 10 Hands and Feet

I don't know what happened with this picture, but it was of him picking up a lego with his hand.

I then had him pick up the same lego with his feet.  Took him some time.

I put a pencil down and he had it in no time!  He has toes like his momma!!!


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