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Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #39 FREE Activity Packet

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Week 39 printables

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Day 267 Esther 6-10

     Mordecai is given the king's favor.  Haman's counsel honors Mordecai in chapter 6.
     In chapter 7, Esther excuses Haman and then he is hung on his own gallows.
     In chapter 8, Esther makes suit for the Jews and Mordecai is honored.
     In chapter 9 is the feast of Purim.
     In chapter 10 we see that Mordecai is advanced.     

Day 268 Malachi 1-4 Psalm 50

    Chapter 1 shows the ingratitude of Israel.  They are also careless with God's instructions.
     Chapter 2, the priests are reproved for neglecting their covenant.
     Chapter 3, the coming of Christ, God's care for his people. The distinction between the righteous and the wicked is told.
     Chapter 4, the judgements on the wicked and the happiness of the righteous is told.  John the Baptist is also promised to come before the Messiah.
     Psalm 50, is about the glory of God.  Sacrifices to be changed for prayers and that sincere obedience is required.

Day 269 Ezra 7-10

   In chapter 7, Ezra goes to Jerusalem.  Ezra feels bless by God to be in his favor.
     In chapter 8 we see that treasures are committed to the priests and that Ezra arrives in Jerusalem.
     In chapter 9 Ezra mourns for the Jews and their conduct.  We also see the confessions of Ezra's sins.
     In chapter 10, Ezra assembles the people and reformation is encouraged.

Day 270 Nehemiah 1-4

     Chapter 1 is Nehemiah's prayer.
     Chapter 2, we see Nehemiah makes a request to the king and comes to Jerusalem.
     In chapter 3, we see that the walls in Jerusalem are rebuilt.
     In chapter 4, There is opposition from Sanballat and others.  We also see Nehemiah's precautions mentioned.

Day 271 Nehemiah 5-7

     In chapter 5, the Jews complain of their grievances while Nehemiah addresses them.
     Chapter 6, Sanballat plots to hiner Nehemiah.  We also read that the false prophets try to frighten Nehemiah.  The wall is also finished.
     In chapter 7 the city is committed to Hannaniah.

Day 272 Nehemiah 8-10

     In chapter 8, we see that the law is read and the people were called to be joyful.  We also see the feast of the tabernacles.
     In chapter 9 there is a fast and prayer and confession of sin.
     In chapter 10, we see the covenant and who signed it.  

Day 273 no reading

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