Monday, July 14, 2014

Answers in Genesis: The Human Body Unit 6 Skin and Immunity

Lesson 29 Skin & Lesson 30 Cross Section of Skin

For this lesson, I put glue on 4 different areas of his skin.  Yes, we run around barefoot, so please excuse his dirty foot!

When it dried, we peeled it off.

Then I gave him a magnifying glass for him to check out his skin and to see how our skin was different in other areas of our body.

Lesson 31 Fingerprints

For this lesson, I rubbed the lead of a pencil and had him make fingerprints.  I used tape to pull them off of his finger and them placed them on a drawn out hand and on another piece of cut up paper.  Make sure you label the cut up pieces of paper so that YOU know which finger they go to (not the child).

Then, give him a magnifying glass, and see if he can match them up like the pros do!

Lesson 32 The Immune System

For this lesson, we talked about germs and the significance of washing our hands.  I had him put lotion on his hands.  Then, I put glitter on one hand.  I had him touch his other hand.

Now it is on both hands!  Germs spread quick!

We then set off to wash our hands.

All clean!

Lesson 33 Genetics

For this lesson, we did the worksheet that came with the curriculum.


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  1. I like that these are all interesting, informative, but simple and accessible activities!

  2. Such great activities! Featured you on Mom's Library this week!