Monday, July 7, 2014

Answers in Genesis: The Human Body Unit 5 Heart and Lungs

Unit 5 Hearts and Lungs
Lesson 24 The Circulatory System

For this lesson I used this that is out of the workbook that is found here.

Have them sit quietly for a few minutes and see how many beats per minute their blood pumps.  Next have them run in place for a minute and count again.  Then do this again for 6 more minutes.

Lesson 25 The Heart

This is found in the workbook also.  I had him use embroider string to complete.

Lesson 26 Blood

Lego blood!
Red-red blood cells
White-white blood cells

Lesson 27 The Respiratory System

I had him hold his breath.

Then, I had him blow out the candles.

Lesson 28 The Lungs

     For this lesson, my pictures are MIA.  What we did was I had him blow a balloon up as far as he could with 1 breath.  Then I used string to measure the circumference.  His dad did this and so did I.  Then we compared how much air our lungs held.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your work over at The Thoughtful Spot! Seeing your homeschooling days is fun!