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Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #21 FREE Activity Packet

      Welcome back!!  Praying all of you are having a blessed time in the word!  We are enjoying some beautiful weather  here in Ohio right now!

Week 21 printables.

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Day 141 Psalm 111-118
            Psalm 111 tells how the Lord is to be praised for his works.
            Psalm 112 tells about how the righteous will be blessed.
            Psalm 113 tells about praising God.
            Psalm 114 tells about fearing the Lord.
            Psalm 115 tells about how glory comes from God by trusting in Him and praising Him.
            Psalm 116 talks about the declaration of love to the Lord and the desire to be thankful. 
            Psalm 117 tells about all chosen people are to praise the Lord.
            Psalm 118 says that it is good to trust in the Lord and the coming of Christ.

Day 142 1 King 1-2; Psalm 37, 71, 94
            1 King 1 talks about David’s old age.  It reveals Adonijah and how he wants the throne.  David makes Solomon king, and Adonijah is stopped.
            1 King 2 talks about David’s dying words to Solomon and how he wants Joab and others done with.  Adonijah is put to death, Abiathat is banished, and Joab and Shimei are put to death.
            In Psalm 37 David says to have patience and confidence in God.
            Psalm 71 is a prayer to God that he would deliver and save them.
            Psalm 94 tells about the danger of those persecuted and the comfort and peace that will be given to them.

Day 143 Psalm 119:1-88
            This psalm helps magnify the Divine law.  It is also a call to make it honorable.  There are 10 ways the Divine law is called in this Psalm.  God’s law, His way, His testimonies, His commandments, His precepts, His word, His judgments, His righteousness, His statutes, and His truth and faithfulness.

Day 144 1 King 3-4; 2 Chronicles 1; Psalm 72
            1 King 3 talks about Solomon’s marriage, his vision, and his prayer for wisdom.
            1 King 4 Talks about Solomon’s court and dominions.  It also talks about Solomon’s wisdom.
            In Psalm 72, David begins with a prayer for Solomon.  He talks about the glories of his reign.  He also talks about the kingdom of Christ.

Day 145 Psalm 119:89-176
            See above.

Day 146 Song of Solomon 1-5:1
            This first part of the Song of Solomon is about 2 lovers.  It starts with the courtship, how they reciprocate love and the wedding.  Chapter 4 talks about the wedding and the first night.  5:1 mentions God’s approval.

Day 147 No Reading.



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