Monday, February 17, 2014

Answers in Genesis: The World of Animals Unit 1 Mammals Lessons 1-7

   I have to say I am really glad of my choice for science!!  We did plants 1st while our garden was going on, so we had a lot of hands on things.  I chose to do animals next.
God’s Design for Life: The World of Animals

     Conner is in the first grade, so we just read the beginning section of each lesson and answered the questions.  Some of our activities ranged from art to science experiments.  School at this age is about fun!  He is a hands on learner, so I find I need to add things in for him to remember things we go over. 

Lesson 1 The World of Animals
Fingerprint animals!

Lesson 2 Vertebrates
1st we talked about the spinal cord hat runs between the vertebrates.

Next came the spine.

Then he put play-doh in between for the discs.

Next he bent it back and forth like our backs work.

Lesson 3 Mammals
     For this lesson, we talked about the mammals in our home.
Playing tug of war!!

Lesson 4 Mammals: Large and small
     I cannot find my pictures for this lesson, but I had him act out different animals.  If you have more than one child, you could easily make this into a game of charades!

Lesson 5 Monkeys and Apes

Lesson 6 Aquatic Mammals
made an ocean diorama.

Lesson 7 Marsupials

I made a pouch out of a cloth diaper and he used his brother's mickey mouse for his baby!

Some pictures from our visit to the Columbus Zoo.


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  1. Such happy smiling faces!

    Thanks for linking up to the Homeschool Link Up. I love the egg-carton vertibrate idea.