Sunday, February 23, 2014

Answers in Genesis: The World of Animals Unit 2 Birds and Fish Lessons 8-13

Lesson 8 Birds

For this experiment on lift you need a glass jar and a ping pong ball.

He covered the jar with his mouth and blew into it.

This causes the ball to lift off of the bottom of the jar.

Lesson 9 Flight

For this lesson, I gathered some chicken feathers out of our coop.  We discussed  the difference between feathers.  Bird's have flight feathers and downy feathers.  He dropped each one from shoulder level.  He seen that the flight feather cut through the air faster than the downy feather.

Lesson 10 The Bird's Digestive System

I got this kit off of amazon.  Conner wasn't to amused when I told him it was real owl poop, but it didn't take him long to start working it!

 Our vole's head!

Practicing picking up seeds (pinto beans) with a beak like a duck!

Finally got it when we switched beaks!

Lesson 11 Fish
For this lesson and the next, I got a sardine from Whole Foods.

First, we determined that fish do not have eyelids.

We looked at their scales.
Lesson 12 Fins & Other Fish Anatomy

I got our fish back out of the refrigerator.

We inspected the gills and discussed how they expand and contract  as they remove oxygen.

I then cut into the fish to show the backbone.

Lesson 13 Cartilaginous Fish

For this lesson, we talked about how blubber keeps some animals warm in the cold water.

I had him put oil on one finger and leave the other one with nothing on it.  He said this 'naked' finger got cold faster!!



  1. I would have never thought to dissect are sardine. How cool is that?! The kids and I may just have to try that sometime. :-)

  2. Fun! I love the beak (clothespin) activity!

  3. What fun! Poppa does the dissections around here.

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