Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY Tool Bench for boys

With the adoption of our little guy Ezra, it left my husband and I strapped for money for the first time in 15 years.  Our son Conner's birthday was fast approaching and we were unable to buy what we had planned to buy him.  What is a mother to do?  I went to the Lord and prayed about it, then I went outside to the garage and looked at my pile of remnant wood.

Not much to look at, but it comes in handy!!

I than began to get my creative groove on!  After some measurement and some calculations, I determined that I had enough wood to make a tool bench for Conner!!

Materials needed:

2-2x4's 26 inches long-front
2-2x4's 53 inches long-back
4-2x4's 16 1/2 inches long-sides
1-2x4's 28 inches long-top for sign
2-2x6's 28 inches long-bottom shelf
2-2x8's 28 inches long-table surface
2x4 ft piece of pegboard cut to 2 ft by 28 inches long
 3 inch nails and some screws
First, you take 2 of the sides and attach them with the front pieces with nails.  Conner was such an awesome helper!!

You need to do that again with the front piece and the sides.

Then, you flip that part over and attach the longer back pieces to the sides.

This is what you should have by now!

For the top, I had to counter sink my screws since I didn't have long enough screws.  Attach the 2x8's putting them snug against the back of the of the bench.

Finished top!

Attach the 2x6's at the bottom.  Mount them to where they are resting against the 2x4's for strength.

Attach the peg board to the back and the 2x4 for the sign!  I had an extra tool box, so I gave him that also!  Once some friends found out, they brought him all kinds of their duplicate tools!!


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  1. I LOVE this project and gift and what special memories. I am going to pin this project to share with my hubby and son :-) (Ezra is just simply the sweetest little baby and so very blessed to be placed in such a loving family!)

    Thank you for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! I do hope that you will visit my neck of the magical woods every week and take a quick rest by the tree on the tree stump while you read everyone’s blog posts that they have so thoughtfully shared with all of us.

  2. What an amazing birthday gift for your son! I'm sure he absolutely loves it! Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday. We'll be featuring this at Someday Crafts tomorrow :)

  3. Great project! Its the right size for small apartment for a work bench.

  4. What a fantastic idea!
    So many times people who are in similar situations end up putting themselves in credit card debt trying to give their children gifts for Christmas or birthdays but really, it isn't the price tag that makes a child feel loved.
    And beyond the fact that its a homemade gift (my favorite kind), it also so awesome because it teaches real skills that can be used later in life. I've been teach my 4 year old to sew right now but woodwork is something I hope to introduce him to in the next few years. Such a wonderful read. I found you via TGIF.