Monday, September 30, 2013

Poppins Book Nook: Prairie School

This month for our book selection we read Prairie School by Avi.

This is a great historical book about school in the olden days.  My creative juices were not flowing for this book, so we set out to just re-enact some of the scenes.  

Getting ready to do school outside!!

I gave him an old slate and a 1st reader that I had stored away so that he could see how they used to learn.

1st lesson in the reader is learning the ABC's so he started writing them down.  Then, I had him write some math out.

We came inside and build a lincoln log house.  The book said sod house, but I really didn't want to mess with dirt and he was just as happy to be building with his logs! 

Of course we had to put the train in here because that is how Aunt Dora got there to teach Noah how to read!  


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  1. Looks like a book my girls would be interested in since they like the Little House series! We will have to look for it!

  2. Isn't it amazing how hard it is to get creative juices flowing sometimes. I've felt that on other months too.

  3. I think you did well with this theme. It's interesting how different schools were in the times long gone.