Monday, August 26, 2013

Mystery of History Lessons 7-12

Trying to get caught up on posting with our Mystery of History!  I am posting two weeks worth this time.

Lesson 7 The Summerians

We did a version of Cuneiform writing.  We rolled out a piece of play-doh and then he wrote on it with pen.

Lesson 8 Tower of Babel

He always loves when we get to use Legos for school!

Lesson 9 Epic of Gilgamesh

We read these books for the lesson.

Lesson 10 Stonehenge

Building with Legos again!!

Lesson 11 Early Egypt

Building a pyramid and placing a mummy inside!

Next thing we did was dry some apples in various ways trying to see the best way to mummify things.

We learned that the gauze on the apple slowed the process down, therefore allowing mold to grow on them.  We determined that they would have dried the bodies before mummifying them.

Lesson 12 The Minoan Civilization

This is a volcano that we made awhile back.  We exploded it again to show what might have happened to the Minoans.

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  1. We're just about to start those lessons this week.

  2. So many fun ideas! I love it when history comes alive!! I pinned it =)

    Thanks for linking up at TGIF! Have a great week,
    Beth =)