Tuesday, November 25, 2014

USA Study: Rhode Island

Rhode Islands cool facts:

1.  You can fit 547 Rhode Islands in the state of Alaska.
2.  Block Island is 9 miles off the shoreline of Rhode Island and was once a hideout for pirates.
3.  Crazy traffic law:  don't throw pickle juice on a trolley car
                                   don't race horses on the highway

The colony of Rhode Island
by Susan Whitehurst

Roger Williams and Rhode Island
Colonial Life for Children DVD
Cover image for Finding Providence : the story of Roger Williams / story by Avi ; illustrations by James Watling.
Finding Providence : The Story of Roger Williams
by Avi

Something Upstairs
 by Avi

Rhode Island Facts and Symbols
 by Kathy Feeney

R Is For Rhode Island Red: A Rhode Island Alphabet
 by Mark R. Allio

Tuck Everlasting 
by Natalie Babbitt

Since Rhode Island is know for the first circus, we watched the movie Dumbo.

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