Sunday, November 30, 2014

DIY Advent Christmas Tree

This year I decided to get a little bit creative with our advent.  I seen a couple of things online that I liked, so I decided to mix it up and make the best of it!

First thing was to cut a star out of a 1x6 with my jig saw.

Next was to use my miter saw and cut some of out firewood down.  Mine ended up being about 3/4 of an inch thick.

For the back of the tree, I used an old 2x4 that I didn't need.  Then, I cut pallet wood down for the tree shape.  I then used wood glue and nailed them to the 2x4.

I used a piece of a pallet to add the the bottom of the 2x4 to help with stability of the tree.

Looking good!!

I painted half of the wood pieces green and the other half red.

While they were drying, I added screws on the my tree to which the ornaments would hang.

After I painted the numbers on the wooden pieces, I spray painted them with a clear coat on both sides.  My hope in doing this is that they will not be dried out with our wood burner.

I painted a '25' on the star and nailed it on.  Then, I used black string and attached it to each wooden piece and hung them on the tree.  I put my numbers started at the bottom and working our way to the top so that the star would be on Christmas Day.


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