Friday, January 17, 2014

Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #16 FREE Activity Packet

Welcome back to week #16!!  We have been enjoying reading from the Psalms this week!  I pray you will enjoy and learn as much as we have.

Week 16 printables.

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Day 106 2 Samuel 1-4

     In chapter 1, we read about the lie of Amalekite of the death of Saul and the punishment of death for that lie.  
     In chapter 2, we see that David is made king of Hebron.  Abner, the captain of Saul's army made Ishbosheth king over the tribes of Israel.  Abner took his army to Gibeon near Hebron.  Abner's men and the men of Joab went to war.  We also read about Abner killing Asahel.
     In chapter 3, David's house became stronger.  Abner gave Michal back to David as his wife.  Now, Joab had been away at war and when he came back and heard that David had made friends with David, he scolded him.  He sent a secret messenger to bring Abner back to Hebron and killed him.  David mourned his death and cursed the house of Joab.
     In chapter 4, we read about Ishbosheth being murdered by Baanah and Rechab.  The two men ran all night until the found David and gave him the head of Ishbosheth.  David cut their hands and feet off and than hung them.

Day 107 Psalm 6, 9-10, 14, 16, 21
      Psalm 6 shows God's wrath and the ask for the return of his favor and peace.
      In Psalm 9, David praises God for protecting his people.
      Psalm 10 talks about the wickedness of the wicked and a prayer for God to appear to relieve his people.
     Chapter 14 is a description of the depravity of human nature and how it plays apart of the corruption of mankind.
     Chapter 16 is about devotion and confidence of a resurrection.
     Chapter 21 is about being thankful for victories and of further success.

Day 108 1 Chronicles 1-2; Psalm 43-44
      1 Chronicles chapter 1 is about the genealogy from Adam to Abraham.
      1 Chronicles chapter 2 is more genealogy.
      Psalm 43 David puts hope and confidence in God.
      Psalm 44 is a petition for relief.

Day 109 Psalm 49, 84-85, 87
     Psalm 49 is a call for attention and against the fear of death.
     Psalm 84 the psalmist shares his affection to the ordinances of God and the desires towards them.
     Psalm 85 talks about the trust in God's goodness.
     Psalm 87 talks about the glory of the church and how it s filled with the Divine blessing.

Day 110 1 Chronicles 3-5
      1 Chronicles chapter 3-5 is more genealogy.

Day 111 1 Chronicles 6; Psalm 36, 39, 77-78
      1 Chronicles chapter 6 is more genealogy.
      Psalm 36 talks about how bad the wicked are and the goodness of God.
      In Psalm 39, David talks about how frail man is.
      Psalm 77 talks about temptation and troubles and of God's help for his people.
      Psalm 78 talks about the history of Israel and the mercies of God upon the Israelites and their ungratefulness.

Day 112 No reading.


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