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Series: Bible in a year with your kids week #14 FREE Pack

Hi!  Welcome back to another week of Bible in a Year!  I am looking forward to sharing what we have learned this week in the word.

Week 14 printables

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Day 92 1 Samuel 1-3

     We start this book out with learning about the birth of Samuel. Elkanah married Hannah whom he loved, yet they had no children.  He married Peninnah so that he could have children.    Peninnah was very cruel to Hannah in regards that she had children and Hannah did not.  Hannah prayed to God in the tabernacle for a son.  She promised that she would give her son to be a Nazarite and serve the Lord.  When Samuel was old enough, Hannah took him to the tabernacle as a thank-offering and left him there.
     In chapters 2 & 3, we learn about the judgement on Eli's house.  Eli's sons, Hopne and Phinehas, were priests.  They did not follow God's rule for sacrificing meat.  They were only allowed the breast and the shoulder to eat for themselves, no fat.  They were not sorry for their sins, and were filled with evil.  Now Eli had scolded Hannah harshly when he thought she was drunk in the tabernacle praying to the Lord, but was not harsh on his boys.  A prophet came to Eli and told him that he himself was sinning, since he was watching everything that was going on.  For punishment, God took both of his sons in one day and the priesthood would go to another family in Aaron's line.

Day 93 1 Samuel 4-8
     In chapter 4, we read about the battle between the Israelites and the Philistines.  This time, God did not tell the Israelites to go out and fight, they went out on their own.  About 4,000 of them died in the first battle.  They of course questioned why God let this happen to them.  We know of course, God doesn't bless those who walk in sin.  For the second battle, they thought they would take the ark of the covenant to the battlefield.  Funny to see how they thought the ark would save them instead of turning to God for his saving power.  The Philistines won and 30,000 Israelites lost their lives.  Eli's sons were killed and the Philistines took the ark.  When Eli heard the news, he fell over, broke his neck, and died.
     In chapter 5 & 6, we learn how the ark made it's way back to the Israelites.  The Philistines had hard hearts, and even though they knew that they would never conquer the Lord, they still wanted to.  The next morning they got up and found their god Dagon on his face.  This is a picture of worship.  They picked him sat him up straight again.  The next morning Dagon's hands and head were cut off.  Now the hands are pictures of power and the head a picture of the brain.  The Philistines hardened their hearts and God put sores upon their hands, some of them died due to a plague, and mice swarmed the land.  The 5 kings of the land decided to send the ark to another city since they thought it was just by chance.  The ark went to the city of Gath and then to Ekron.  Now the ark had been in their land for 7 months, the land was bare, and many were died or dying.    The Philistines did one more test and took 2 cows who had just gave birth and yoked them to the ark.  The cows followed the Lord.
     There is a celebration at Bethshemesh when the ark is returned.  The Lord struck down some of the men there as they looked at the ark.  If you look at Numbers: 4:20, you will see that only priests are to work with the holy things.  This shows that the Israelites no longer worshiped God.  They should have known to make their hearts clean (Psalm 15:2)before going into the presence of the Lord.  They then moved the ark to Kirjath-jearim and put it into the house of Abinadab.  The Lord continued to let the Philistines mess with the Israelites for 20 years.  Samuel finally called them to give up their idols and return to God.  He gathered them all in Mizpeh and prayed for them there and the Lord saved them.
     In chapter 8, the rulers of the tribes of Israel went to Samuel and asked for a king.  They thought Samuel was too old and his sons were not righteous.  They felt the king could pull them together as a nation instead of as their single tribes.  (On a side note, how crazy is that statement!  God is our king, and unites us!)  The Lord agreed to let this happen.  They wanted a king who would give them a good life without the fear of God surrounding them.

Day 94 1 Samuel 9-12

     Now, Samuel had been going from place to place judging the people.  The Lord came to him and told him that he would send the man to be made Israel's king to him the next day.
     We see that Saul, from the tribe of Benjamin, was sent out to find his father's donkey's.  After looking in 4 spots, Saul wanted to go home to his father to check on him, but his servant told him that they should go the city  and see the man of God.  They went and Saul had a special meal with Samuel.
     In chapter 10, we see that Samuel anoints Saul as a king in private.  There were 3 signs that Samuel would give to Saul to prove to him that he was a prophet.  1st he would meet to men at Rachel's grave that would tell him that his father was worried about him, second he would meet 3 men carrying 3 goats who would share 2 loaves of bread with Saul, and last he would meet some prophets playing music.  It is at the last sign, that the spirit of the Lord came upon him.  Finally, at Mizpeh, Samuel presents Saul as king of the Israelites.
     In chapter 11, we see how Saul helped Jabesh-Gilead overcome the Ammonites and prove that he was a mighty king.
     In chapter 12, we read about Samuel talking to Israel.  He asks them questions, reviews what happened is Egypt, and that the Lord was always his helper.  He asked God for a sign and he sent a storm with lots of thunder.  The people asked Samuel to pray for them.

Day 95 1 Samuel 13-16

     In chapter 13,  we see that Saul and his army hid in caves from the Philistines.  Samuel asked him to wait 7 days for him and he would offer a sacrifice for him.  Saul did not, and made a burnt offering.  He had to tell Samuel this.
     In chapter 14,  we read that Jonathon and his armor-bearer went from on rock where the Israelites were, to another rock where the Philistines were.  There they killed 20 men.  The Lord sent an earthquake and the Philistines went after each other.  Now Saul asked the people not to eat that day, Jonathon had not heard that warning and ate some honey.  That night the others were so hungry that they ate blood with their meat (Leviticus 19:26).  Now, when the Lord would not answer Saul about the Philistines, Saul cast Jonathon out to die and the people stepped in and saved him.
     In chapter 15, Saul is sent in to destroy Amalek.  God wanted them destroyed and he gave Saul victory over them.  They were to destroy every person and animal.  They did not kill the king or all of their animals.  Samuel and the Lord were very sad.  When Samuel set out to meet Saul the next day, he learned that Saul had wend somewhere else to set up a monument.  In Gilgal, Saul celebrated victory again and made burnt offerings and sacrifices.  When Samuel finally met up with him, he told him that God would take the kingdom from Saul's family.  Samuel killed the king of Amalek and returned home.
     In chapter 16, we learn that God tells Samuel to go to Bethlehem and that one of the sons of Jesse would be the next king.  Samuel first asked Jesse and his sons to bathe themselves and their clothes.  None of them were to be made king, but Jesse had another son, David, watching some sheep that was to be anointed  king.  We also see that Saul is troubled by an evil spirit.  Saul's servants thought that music might help him, so they found David.  When David played, the evil spirit departed Saul.

Day 96 1 Samuel 17-20, Psalm 59
     In chapter 17, we read about how David killed Goliath.
     In chapter 18, we read about a beautiful friendship between David and Jonathon.  Both men loved the Lord with all their hearts.  We see that Saul tries to kill David, and after failed attempts, is afraid of David that he might pay him back.  We also see that Saul tricks David and promises him Merab for a wife, but lets her marry someone else.  Then he offers his other daughter Michal if he would kill 100 Philistines.
     In chapter 19, we see that Saul wanted to kill David.  He told Jonathon this, and he went and told David. Jonathon went back to talk to Saul and he promised not to kill David.  But, he lied.  He again threw a spear that missed him.  David went home and his wife urged him to leave that night.  David went to Samuel.
     In chapter 20, David consults with Jonathon and they make a covenant together.  We then read about a feast that David did not attend.  On the second day, Saul asked Jonathon about where David was, and he lied.  In Saul's rage, he threw a spear at his own son.  David left after Jonathon sent him a sign using his arrows.
     In Psalm 59, David prays for deliverance form his enemies and foresees their destruction.

Day 97 1 Samuel 21-24, Psalm 91

     In chapter 21 & 22, we see that the tabernacle had been moved to Nob.  David went to see Ahimelech who gave him Goliath's sword and some bread.  But, one of Saul's servants, Doeg, was there.
     Next, David went to Gath, a city in Philistine.  David was not trusting in God during this time.  He wasn't permitted to leave the land that God had given them.  To get out of the trouble he got into, he acted like he was crazy. The king of the Philistines left him alone.  David then went back to his parents' home in Adullam.  He took them and asked the king of Moab to keep his family safe.  Now, Doeg had made it back to Saul and told him about the priests and Ahemelech.  Saul's soldiers destroyed the city and all the priest except Abiathar who escaped to David.
     In chapters 23, we see that David asks God if they should help Keilah.  The Lord says yes, and they rescued the city.  God warns him to escape from Keilah due to the gates.  We see that Saul chases David into the dessert.  David hid himself from Saul, but Jonathon found him.  Jonathon encouraged David and established their covenant again. They would never again see each other.
          In chapter 24, we see that the Ziphites told Saul where David was and they surrounded his army.  The Lord saved him.  He sent the Philistines into Israel, and Saul had to leave to fight them.  As soon as the battle was finished, Saul went to Engedi to find David.  He slept at the entrance of the same cave that David and his men were in.  During the night, David cut a piece of Saul's coat off and in the morning called to him carrying the fabric where Saul could see it.  Saul went home, and since David couldn't trust Saul, he continued in hiding.
    Psalm 91 talks about the safety of those who have God as their refuge and find favor with him.

Blessings on your week!!


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