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Series: Bible in a year with your kids week #12 FREE Pack

     Another busy week in the word and in life!  We wrapped up school on Tuesday and have kept busy doing crafts and just enjoying each other here!  I pray each one of you has enjoyed your week!

Week 12 printables.

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Day 78 Joshua 3-6

     In these chapters the Israelites were crossing the Jordan River.  In 3 days they were told to be ready to cross.  The ark of the covenant had to go first, about 3,000 feet ahead of everyone so that all could see it.  As soon as the priests feet touched the water with the ark, the water stopped rushing and collected near the city of Adam.  Israel had to march past the ark of the Lord in order to cross.  This was because of the mercy seat of the ark.  The priests had sprinkled lamb's blood on it, which represents the blood of Christ.  God was showing the Israelites that they were covered by Jesus' blood and He kept them safe.
     Upon crossing, Joshua had on man from each tribe chose a large stone from where the priests stood with the ark and carry it to the other side.  There they stacked them up where Israel would camp.  Joshua set up the other 12 stones on the East side of the river where the priests were holding the ark.  The stones were to be a memorial, so that when their children asked about them, the people would tell them about God's awesome works.  They could tell their children the whole story of their salvation, from sinning in Eypt to the crossing of the Jordan.  After everyone had crossed the Jordan, the priests crossed with the ark and the river Jordan started flowing again.
     After the crossing, we read about the fall of Jericho.  Israel was to fight by faith to take the city.  For 7 days they were to march around the city walls.  The armed soldiers first, then 7 priests blowing 7 ram's horns trumpets, the priests carrying the trumpet, then the people who were told not to speak at all.  On the 7th day, the people were to march around the city 7 times.  On the 7th time, they were to shout.  The walls fell down, and the spies went and saved Rahab and her father's house.  God didn't want them to take this city on their own.  Jericho was a strong city.  God wanted the people to understand that the land of Canaan was a gift from the Lord, not anything they did.  They took over the city, and everything was to be given to the Lord.

Day 79 Joshua 7-10

     Now came the battle at Ai.  This time the Lord allowed Israel to keep everything that was found in the city.  They had to kill all the people and burn the city though.  5,000 soldiers hide at night.  In the morning, Josh would come from the other side with 30,000 soldiers and trick the people of Ai.  He would retreat with his soldiers, drawing all the people of Ai out and then the 5,000 soldiers would rush in and burn the city when they got the sign from Joshua.  Then the people of Ai would be trapped.  They hung the king of Ai on a tree until evening, he was already dead when they did this.
     Next, Joshua separated the Israelites.  Half of them stood on Mt. Ebal (the mountain of curse), while the other half stood on Mt. Gerizim(mountain of blessing).  The priests stood in the valley with the ark.  Joshua wrote the laws out on stone and then placed them on Mt Ebal and built an altar and offered sacrifices.  He read the law of the stones then.  When Joshua read a curse, the people on Mt Ebal said "amen" and when he read a blessing, the people on Mt Gerizim said "amen".
     In chapter 9, we see that the the people of Gibeon tried to trick the Israelites.  They acted like they were from another country and tried to be their friends.  Now Joshua and the Israelites did not consult God, but agreed to let the Gibeonites live.  Three days later, they found out the truth.  The Israelites were told not to make any agreement with anyone in the land of Canaan.  The elders couldn't go back on their word, nor could they disobey God.  They made the Gibeonites slaves.
     Now came the battle at Gibeon.  5 kings came out with their armies to fight.  The Lord helped with this battle.  He chased the armies throwing large stones from heaven.  The 5 kings left their armies and went to hid in a cave.  Joshua told his men to roll a stone in front of the entrance of the cave.  Joshua then commanded the sun to stand still and a whole day was added.  Wow!!!  The Lord put it on Joshua's heart to ask for this, and it happened.  The Lord knew that it would take time to track down of the king's armies and kill them, so He knew they needed extra light.  After conquering the armies, they took the kings out of the cave and killed them by putting their feet on their necks.

Day 80 Joshua 11-14

     The next few chapters kind of set up the book of Judges.  In chapter 11, Hazor is taken and burned and all that country is subdued and the Anakims are cut off.
     In chapter 13, is the inheritance of Reuben.  In chapter 14, the 9 and a half tribes are to have their inheritance and Caleb obtains Hebron.

Day 81 Joshua 15-18

     In chapter 15, the borders of the lot of Judah, Caleb's portion, his daughter's blessing, and the ities of Judah are discussed.
     In chapters 16-17, the sons of Joseph are discussed.
     In chapter 18, the tabernacle is set up at Shiloh and the remainder of the land is described and divided.

Day 82 Joshua 19-22

     Chapter 19 talks about the lots of Simeon, Zebulun, Issachar, Asher, Naphtali, and Dan.
     Chapter 20 talks about the law concerning the cities of refuge and those cities are appointed.
     In chapter 21, the cities for the Levites are described.
     In chapter 22, Reuben, Gad, and the half tribe of Manasseh are dismissed to their homes.  They build a altar of testimony.  The rest of the tribes of Israel threaten war against them.  They explained to them, that they built this as a reminder to the children of all clans, that even thought they are separated by the Jordan River,that they perform the services of the Lord.

Day 83 Joshua 23-24; Judges 1

     In chapter 23, Joshua warns the people about idolatry and in chapter 24, he renews the covenant between the people of Israel and God.  Joshua dies and Joseph's bones are buried.
     In the 1st chapter of Judges, Hebron and other cities are taken.


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