Monday, March 7, 2016

Geography Monday: Costa Rica

This week our travels bring us to Costa Rica!

Here are some things that we learned this week:

1.  More than 100 years ago Costa Rica became the first country in Central America to grow coffee.

2.  Costa Rica is the wealthiest of the Central American countries and provides education for free.

3.  There is a hummingbird gallery with 30 different species to view in Monteverde Cloud Forrest.

We also added these books and DVD to our study.  You can go  HERE  to see the other books that we use.

Costa Rica
by Jim Bartell

Costa Rica and The Amazon DVD
by Jeff Corwin

For our meal from Costa Rica, we had some corn pancakes.

Very yummy!

He made a Lego hummingbird bird!

Stay tuned for next weeks adventures as we travel to Nicaragua!


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