Saturday, October 17, 2015

Keepers of the Faith-Sheep class #1

I decided to do series of classes on Sheep, wool, and weaving for my Keepers of the Faith class.

For this month's lesson I used the following books:

Warm as Wool
by Scott Russell Sanders

Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep
by Teri Sloat

Wool Experiment #1

You will need some:
2 pop cans
1 plastic bowl that is larger than you cans (I used a cool whip container)
hot water
2 thermometers

Boil the water and fill the pop cans 3/4s full of the hot water.

Put one of the cans in the plastic bowl and pack wool around it.  Leave the other sit to the side.  Put thermometers in both of them.  Write down the temperature of them ever 30 minutes for 2 hours.  Compare the temperatures of them at the end.  Our insulated one was 86 degrees, but our non-insulated one was 64 degrees.  This experiment shows why sheep's wool is so important to us and keeping us warm!

We practiced carding our wool.  For this I used 2 dog hair brushes and had him use them working them against each other.  Make sure you start off with a small amount of wool.  This takes time!!

As you have the wool out, allow them to feel and see the characteristics of the wool.

They should notice it is:
oily (lanolin is squeezed from it)

The next step was to use a cotton ball and have him SLOWLY pull and twist on it to form yarn.

This was off of one cotton ball!!  Take you time!!

This is a post that is a piggy back off of yesterdays FIAR post.  

This was our sheep snack!  You will need:
2 toothpicks cut in half
1 large marshmellow
purple grape for the head

I wrapped up the class by having them complete this art/weaving project.  You can find more information on this HERE.

Stay tuned for next month's when I will have some printables and some new lessons and ideas for you!!  This will end up being about 3-4 months worth of classes!


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