Tuesday, May 5, 2015

USA study: North Dakota

State facts:
     1.  The middle of the North America is in Rugby,North Dakota.
     2.  90% of the land is covered farms and ranches.
     3.  Cream of Wheat was invented in Grand Forks in 1893.
     4.  The largest hamburger was made in 1982 in Rutland, North Dakota.  It came in at 3,591 pounds.

Sitting Bull
by Lucille Penner

North Dakota
by Pam Zollman

North Dakota
by M.J. York

P is for Peace Garden
by Roxanne Salonen

The Great Race of the Birds and Animals
by Paul Goble

River Friendly, River Wild
by Jane Kurtz

Rugby, North Dakota is said to be the center of North America.  So we thought we would check it out and see.  I printed out a page on North America and we colored in North Dakota.

Then he folded it in half twice.

Ours was a state off, but I explained to him that the map off Google I downloaded may have been  little distorted!


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