Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mystery of History Volume 2 Lessons 52-54


Leif the Lucky by Ingri

Beorn the Proud 
by Joan Coppa Drennan

I then had him color some shields to attach to his ship.

Then the oars.

Lesson 53  Macbeth, King of Scotland 

Macbeth for Kids
by Lois Burdett

by David Macaulay

Birthday present and history all in one!!  Lego castle!!  This has been such an awesome learning tool.

Lesson 54  El Cid, a Spanish Hero 

Ms. Frizzle's Adventures
Medieval Castle
by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen

We used self-hardening clay to build a small castle tower.  1st I had him roll the clay out and then cut it into a square.

Notching the castle out.

Molding it around a filter that was at work.

Adding the details!

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