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Series: Bible in a Year with your Kids Week #8-FREE Pack

     Welcome to another exciting week of reading the Bible in a year with your kids!  We will finish up Leviticus and move into Numbers this week.  I pray each one of your families is growing closer to Christ.

Week 8 printables.

Day 50 Leviticus 11-14

     Chapter 11 discusses what animals were clean and unclean.    
     Chapter 12 talks about ceremonial purification.  Directions to the priest to judge according to leprosy is discussed in chapter 13.  It also tells about how the leper must be disposed of and the garments worn.
     Chapter 14, tells us how to declare a leper clean and the sacrifices to be offered by him.

Day 51 Leviticus 15-18

     Chapter 15 is about the laws concerning ceremonial uncleanness.  Chapter 16 talks about the day of atonement.
     In chapter 17,  we learn that all sacrifices to the Lord are to be offered at the tabernacle.  He also tells us that they were not allowed to eat any animal or their blood that died a natural death.
     Chapter 18 discusses unlawful marriages and fleshly lusts.

Day 52 Leviticus 19-22

     These 4 chapters discuss the laws.  Chapter 21 concentrates on the laws concerning the priests.  Chapter 22 is about the laws concerning the priests and sacrifices.

Day 53 Leviticus 23-25

     In chapter 23, we learn about the feasts that God ordained. The feast of the Passover was to continue on for 7 days and the people were to be in prayer.  The feast of Weeks was held in remembrance of the giving of the law.  The feast of Tabernacles was in remembrance of them living in tents in the wilderness.
     Chapter 24 talks about oil for the lamps, bread, and the law of blasphemy.
     Chapter 25 talks about the Sabbath day of rest for the land in the seventh year.  It also brings up the year of jubilee in the 50th year.  Other things you will read about it the redemption of the land and houses, compassion towards the poor, and laws respecting servants.

Day 54 Leviticus 26-27; Numbers 1-2

     Promises upon keeping the precepts, threatening against disobedience, and God's promise to remember those that repent are in Chapter 26.
     We end Leviticus with Chapter 27, which discusses the laws concerning vows.  Those vows included those made with persons, animals, houses, and land.
     Chapter 1 of Numbers starts with the numbering of the Israeliltes.  The Levites were not numbered with them.
     In chapter 2, the order of the tribes in their tents is discussed.

Day 55 Numbers 3-5
     In chapter 3, the Levites are finally numbered by their families and then their duties are listed.  All first-born are then numbered.
     In chapter 4, the duties of the Kohathites, Gershonites, and the Merarites are told.
     In chapter 5, the uncleaned are to be removed from the camp.  Restitution is to be made for the trespasses.

Day 56 No Reading.

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I pray all of your families have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

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