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Series: Bible in a Year with your Kids Week #3-FREE Pack

I hope you guys are having as much fun as we are diving into the word of God!  This week you will finish Genesis!!  

Here are you printables for the week:

If you would like to catch up with the series, check out here.

Day 15 Genesis 30-33
     We find out that Jacob's 7+7 years are over and now he was ready to go home to Canaan.  He was still very poor, even after working all those years.  Laban's flocks were only vast because God had favor with Jacob.  Jacob knew Laban's tricks and knew he had to escape to get away from him.
     Jacob continued on to Canaan, but he feared seeing Esau again.  He thought giving him a present would make Esau happy and he would forget that he had told Jacob that he would kill him if he came back to Canaan.
     The man we see Jacob wrestling with is God.  God was showing Jacob how weak he was without God by his side.
     Jacob settled in the land of Shechem in Canaan.  He knew Esau was still wicked, so he didn't want his family around him.  That is one thing as Christians we should always remember.  We should desire to be with fellow Christians.  We should not be of the world and desire to be around those that are wicked and detest God.  They can only cause harm with our walk with Christ.  That doesn't mean that we should not spread the gospel to the ungodly, it only means that we should watch our steps very closely and do not allow Satan to get a hold of us.

Write the name of Jacob's 13 children.
Day 16 Genesis 34-37
     Due to the wickedness Jacob's children had learned while in Shechem, God told him to move to Bethel.  It was here that he was renamed Israel.
     In chapter 37, we learn of the jealousy of Jacob's sons towards Joseph.  Jacob loved Joseph the most, so the brothers sold Joseph off to be a slave.  If you remember in Genesis 27, Jacob had tricked his father Isaac by using a coat of Esau and by killing a goat for his meal.  Jacob is now going to be tricked by his own sons who used goat's blood on Joseph's coat to prove to Jacob that he was dead.
Color Joseph's coat of many colors.
Day 17 Genesis 38-40
     In chapter 39, we learn that the Egyptians had bought Jacob from the Ishmaelites.  God was with him and protected him.  Potiphar  bought Joseph.  Joseph was a good slave.  Potiphar's wife lied to him and Joseph was thrown into jail.  Psalm 105:18 tells us how Joseph felt.

His feet were hurt with fetters;his neck was put in a collar of iron; Psalm 105:18
     The Lord protected Joseph even in jail, and he was made keeper of the prison.  Soon, the kings butler and baker were put in prison.  God enabled Joseph to decipher their dreams.  All he asked in return was for them to remember him to the king, which the butler did not.
Draw a picture of Joseph in jail.

Day 18 Genesis 41-43
     Now two years have passed, and the Lord sent Pharaoh a dream.  The butler remembered Joseph and told Pharaoh about him.  Joseph told him about the dream, and Pharaoh knew that Joseph was speaking the truth.  Pharaoh made Joseph ruler over Egypt and gave him a wife.
     Joseph had taken care of the storing of food to last them the 7 years of famine.  The ten brothers of Joseph set out from Canaan to Egypt to buy some food from them.  Joseph could have punished them for what they had done, but he chose to see if they were truly sorry for what they had done.  Joseph's brothers had been bothered by their sin for years.  Now, while they are in jail for 3 days they are discussing how all of their problems had stemmed from that one sin.
     In Genesis 43, we see that Jacob did not want to send Benjamin back with the others.  Finally, Jacob gives in and sends all of his sons to Egypt.  Jacob had forgotten the promise God had given him in Genesis 35:11.
And God said to him, “I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply. A nation and a company of nations shall come from you, and kings shall come from your own body.  Genesis 35:11
When the brothers arrive in Egypt, Joseph invited them for dinner.  Simeon was released from jail and joined them.  Joseph tested his brothers to see if they still had jealousy in them.  He gave Benjamin 5 times as much food, but the brothers still seemed happy.
Draw Pharaoh's dream.
Day 19 Genesis 44-46
     Now the brothers are ready to leave for Canaan again.  Joseph tested them again and had the steward put his special silver cup in Benjamin's sack.  The brothers set off in the morning and seemed happy.  The steward caught up with them and accused them of stealing the silver cup.  They went back and bowed down to Joseph for the 4th time.  Joseph finally reveals himself and shares that it was not Jacob that had sent them here, but God.
     Pharaoh was happy to see that Joseph was a son of a free rich man and invited Jacob and all his sons to come to Egypt to live.  As soon as Jacob seen that all his sons had returned to Canaan, he was happy.  They were all so happy to finally be reunited.
Draw a picture of their trip to Egypt.
Day 20 Genesis 47-50
     Now the brothers of Joseph came before Pharaoh and explained to him that all they knew how to do was shepherd.  They asked for the land of Goshen and that is where they settled.  We also see how Jacob share with all his sons for the last time.  When he died, Joseph had him embalmed which would have taken 40 days.  Then, they mourned for 30 more days finally returning to Canaan to bury him with Abraham and Isaac.  After Jacob's death, Joseph still had to remind his brothers that he had forgiven them.  We also see Joseph die and promise his family that God would bring them back to Canaan and to have them bury his bones there.
Draw a picture of one of Jacob's stories.
Day 21 No reading.  Review.

Praying abundant blessings upon your week in the Lord!!

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