Monday, July 16, 2012

1st day of kindergarten!!

1st day of kindergarten was today!!  He did awesome!  I was afraid he would get tired of doing school for so long (2 and a half hours), but he really done well!

Our curriculum for the year consists of
Calendar notebook
Positive Action for Christ - kindergarten
Horizons math and Math-U-See Primer
Various Kumon books and mazes
All About Spelling level 1
All About Reading Level 1
Five in a Row Volume 1 including the Christian addition- in the afternoon
Various Art lessons from Deep Space Sparkle
Kindergarten art program from Home Art Studio
Elemental Science for Kindergarten
Horizons Kindergarten Health
Language Lessons for Little Ones #2
Critical Thinking books:
 –we are still finishing this up from pre K before we move on to:
1+1+1=1 Sight word program

Seems like a lot, but it is being spread out throughout the year along with various other studies, crafts, and projects!



  1. Oh I see you are doing the K Art program from Home Art Studio--- I'm so on the fence with that! Sounds great, but oh to spend the money!! We are also doing FIAR (and have for the past year) so I know Art is included, but I feel something more hands on in this area would be great for my son!

    Stopping by from the Not Back to School Blog Hop!!
    Happy Learning!

    1. I was on the fence also with this, but I am very happy with the purchase! He loves art, so this was a great educational purchase. The DVD only was $25.00. The complete set which is $81 was not needed, as most of the supplies we already had in stock. We have done our first lesson already and are doing our next tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by and I love your posts on your FIAR lessons. We are incorporating many into our own rowing!


  2. It looks like you are geared up for a great kindergarten year!!

  3. I LOVE Deep Space Sparkle! I used it while teaching public school and now have been using some of the lessons with my PreK and Kindergartener! Glad to meet you! Here from the Blog Hop!