Sunday, March 23, 2014

Keepers of the Faith-Knot tying class

                Last summer, in our church, we started a Keepers of the Faith club.  You can find out more about this awesome club and all they have to offer by visiting their website here.  (Not an affiliate link.)  For this month’s lesson  I chose to do knots.  We have been doing a lot of cooking the past several months, what with the holidays and such.  So, I thought this would be a nice change of pace!

                The way we have set our club up is doing both the boys and girls together, lasting about 2 hours once a month.    We start out with having them practice their hymn.  For right now, we are working on Rock of Ages.  Then, we do a character trait.  For this month, I chose generosity. 

I am using the Character Trails book by Character Concepts. (Not an affiliate link.)  I started out by asking them:

          What is generosity?

          How can we portray generosity?

Then I will go to the book, where it tells the story of The Good Samaritan in Luke 10.  I love this book, because not only does it base all character traits on the Bible, but it also links it to history and everyday life. There is also a set of questions at the end of each section and some practical projects.

Before we start our character trait today, I will be doing the set up for our Italian Knot Cookies.  They take an hour in the fridge, so plan accordingly!

After our character trait and cookie prep, I will start them on some basic knot information.  I will be covering:
  1. What knots are made of.
  2. What they are used for.
  3. Basic rope maintenance.
  4. The 3 parts to the rope.
  5. Some of the different types of knots.

          I will then teach them some basic knots.  You can download a Instructional packet for this lesson here.  I am planning on teaching them the
Overhand Knot

Figure 8 Knot

The Reef Knot

There are instructions on the
clove hitch knot 

and the Bowline knot in the packet also if you would like to teach them!

          I also plan on using the story The Pirate Moore and doing the Mooring Hitch along with it.  You can find it here.  It is a very cute story!
          After we practice our knots, we will finish our Italian Knot cookies and bake them.  We will then fill in our notebooks (Activity packet is here.)  


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